Stomach flu is actually viral gastroenteritis

Dear Doctors: Our family just spent two weeks passing around a nasty stomach flu. Now that we're all OK, I realize I don't know what hit us. Was it the same bug that gives you the regular flu? How does it get from one person to another?

Friend leaves belongings in reader’s car

DEAR HARRIETTE: Every time I hang out with my friend, he leaves random things in my car. A month ago, it was his glasses, and today he told me left his hat in my car. I never saw it because it was in my back seat, which is odd because he was never in my back seat. I don't want to return his hat because I think he's doing it on purpose so that he'll have an excuse to hang out again. If he wanted to hang out, he could just say that. I don't appreciate being tricked. Should I say something about this? – Feeling Tricked

Here's your Tuesday preview

- Wind rips roof off top of CHS cafeteria

- At-home COVID tests to be covered by insurance

- Weekend keeps fire department busy

- Nelson’s layup propels fifth-ranked Arapaho-Butler over No. 6 Calumet

Renovation work begins

Crews have been at the former Kmart location tearing out materials as part of Sutherlands plans to totally renovate the property for its new store.

Clinton Fire Department responded as a part of a Custer County task force request Friday evening from the Elk City Fire Department.