The governor recently signed a bill that will prohibit Oklahoma public schools, colleges and universities from teaching “Critical Race Theory” and from requiring mandatory gender or sexual diversity training or counseling.

Public Service Company of Oklahoma recently filed an application with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to update its prices.

The governor recently lent his John Hancock to a bill by House Speaker Pro Tempore Terry O’Donnell, R-Catoosa, intended to help students become more informed and engaged citizens.

Here's a look at Tuesday's headlines

- Unknown land sales escalate across county

- Hoffman, Franco are May CHS honorees

- Inattentive driving allegedly leads to fatal accident

- Clinton to see elite teams in semis

Law enforcement officials have continued to track down more information regarding local lands being purchased by foreign entities for the sake of marijuana growth.

All in a day’s work

City of Clinton Water Foreman Alex Tyler reads a water meter and takes notes on an early spring morning. CDN

May calls for park enjoyment

Ellodie Bailey enjoys her sunny, spring afternoon by playing on the playground set at Acme Brick Park. CDN