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- New firms investing millions here

- Brothers to be honored for Eagle Scout Awards

- Phillips family, McDonald’s praised

- Local cheerleaders to participate at Classic Bowl

- Obituary for John Maloy

Latnet tuberculosis requires immediate medical care

Dear Doctors: I was surprised when I had to have a TB test for a new job and was shocked that it came back positive. I have no symptoms, and I feel fine. How do you get it? Could I have infected my family? I never realized that TB is common enough in the United States to automatically have to test for it.

Public apology sought for public disrespect

DEAR HARRIETTE: I went years without speaking to someone who told a cruel lie about me. That lie affected my friendships and even my family. It was so bad and so hurtful that part of me never recovered. It was hard to believe that someone I cared a lot about would intentionally lie about me to a host of other people. They recently reached out to me to apologize privately for the lie that they told. The disrespect was public, so I think the apology should be public, too. In order for me to move forward, I want a detailed public retraction of the lie. Is this a reasonable request? -- Public Apology

Cornhole fun

Zade, left, and David Case compete in the Cornhole Tournament at Friends on Frisco Thursday evening.

Clinton Economic Development Authority Director Roland Mower says he is excited about three new businesses that are collectively investing millions of dollars and will employ more than 65 workers in Clinton.

Brothers to be honored for Eagle Scout Awards

Harley, Cody, and Joseph Nelson have earned Boy Scouts of America’s highest award, the Eagle Scout. The brothers are the sons of Ernest and LaCosta Nelson and grandsons of Bob and Emma Penner, all of Arapaho.

Phillips family, McDonald’s praised

The Phillips family of Clinton, owners of the McDonald’s restaurants here and in Weatherford and Elk City, recently donated old furniture to Burns Flat-Dill City Elementary School and then invited its students and staff to enjoy a “happy meal” at the restaurant location in Clinton.