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- Special Salute to our Veterans

- State tourney back again for Clinton

- Bluepeak officials visit at Frisco Center

- From Butler to Germany – Klein sacrificed much for his country

Fall-proofing a home helps keep seniors independent

Dear Doctors: My dad is 77 years old and still steady on his feet. But he tripped on a throw rug recently and sprained his wrist. He won't let me declutter his house, and he won't get serious about preventing another fall. Can you please explain how falls are dangerous for older adults, and ways to prevent them?

Introvert struggles with beau’s social calendar

DEAR HARRIETTE: I am an introverted woman who is dating a socialite. Surprisingly, we complement each other well. We hardly ever argue, and it seems we have an endless number of things in common. The only issue that I'm having is adjusting to his extroverted lifestyle. I get anxious being around large groups of people I don't know, and I have no clue how to be social with strangers.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that Maine can’t exclude religious schools from a program that offers tuition aid for private education, a decision that could ease religious organizations’ access to taxpayer money.

What do we prefer?

Do we prefer abortion? That’s the question we should be asking right now as Americans.

For the fifth year, Clinton will be hosting the OK Kids Coach Pitch State Tournament next month. This is the fifth time in six years for Clinton to host the tournament.

Old friends, new digs

Dennis Smith, left, and Tina Dobbs share a conversation during Bank 360’s grand opening Thursday. CDN

Bluepeak officials

Clinton community members welcomed a new internet provider to town at a ground breaking ceremony Thursday at the Frisco Center. Bluepeak says it plans to bring affordable high-speed broadband internet to businesses and residents across the community starting as early as September.