What is the future of motherhood in U.S., world?

The decision to have children has always struck “ me as an essentially selfish one: You choose, out of a desire for fulfillment or self-betterment or curiosity or boredom or baby-mania or peer pressure, to bring a new human into this world. And it has never seemed more selfish than today."

In an age in which satire and news often overlap, it was hard to know what to make of this headline: "New York Atheists Claim Religious Exemption From Vaccine After Governor Claims That It's From God."

Trisha Yearwood on making jerky, bacon straws and wontons

(AP) — Trisha Yearwood is a collard greens kind of gal, but her husband, Garth Brooks, is definitely not a collard greens kind of guy. So she had to be a little sly when it came time to perfect her Collard-Stuffed Wontons.

Recovery process helps patients ‘get back to normal’

The American Cancer Society reports that the five-year survival rate for all cancers combined that were diagnosed between 2009 and 2015 was 67 percent. That’s a noteworthy and encouraging statistic, though global figures compiled by Ourworldindata.org indicate that fiveyear survival rates following diagnosis are significantly lower in poorer countries. In addition, the road to recovery for cancer patients typically does not end when treatments are completed.

Surgical patients 65 and older have risk of postoperative complications

Dear Doctor: Can you please talk about the risks to older patients with comorbidities when they're going to have surgery? My sister, who was older and ailing, had a joint replacement surgery. It was done by a very good surgeon and at a good hospital, but she didn't survive to walk again.

Mom blabs daughter’s secret to friends

DEAR HARRIETTE: I'm a 30-year-old woman who has a great relationship with both of my parents. I recently confided in my mother about something that I wasn't ready to tell my dad. Earlier this week, I found out that my mother spilled my secret to not only my father, but also to a few of her close friends whom I don't speak to very often. I'm furious with my mother. How should I handle this? – Big-Mouth Mother

Clinton City Council members listened to a presentation from Desi Stoops representing a company called Bluepeak and its plan to “close the broadband divide in western Oklahoma” during Tuesday’s special meeting.

Seat No. 2 on the Arapaho-Butler School Board will be at stake in this year’s election. The seat is currently held by Derek Matz, and Superintendent Jay Edelen said Matz intends on running again.