NEW YORK (AP) — Frustrated, anxious but also a tad hopeful, young activists staged a coordinated 'global climate strike' Friday to highlight the effects of global warming and demand more aid for poor countries hit by wild weather.

Here’s the reason recreational marijuana isn’t on November ballot

Backers of an initiative petition to legalize recreational marijuana in Oklahoma became unwitting guinea pigs in a new process that was meant to speed up and automate the state’s antiquated signature verification system, but a series of delays compounded to keep it off the November general election ballot.

Here's your preview of Tuesday's CDN

- Pair earn promotions at police dept.

- Arapaho man charged with domestic assault and battery

- Reds win first district game

- Corn Bible Academy wins first district game

- ‘A sloppy win is better than an ugly loss’

Getting crafty!

Betty Fox creates her own notebook at the Clinton Fall Arts Festival, hosted by the Buffalo Arts Institute Saturday downtown on Frisco Avenue.

Pair earn promotions at police dept.

Clinton Police officers Luis De La Torre and Shane Harrelson were promoted from lieutenant to captain during a ceremony Mondfay at the Clinton Police Department.

Water main gusher

A 10-inch water main was cut before noon Monday at the intersection of S. 28th Street and Hayes Avenue. The City of Clinton sent out an alert to let residents know their water pressure would likely be affected as a result. According to official on the scene the line was cut by a crew installing fiber optics lines.

HOLDENVILLE, Okla. (AP) — Working as a prison guard in Oklahoma is becoming an ever more dangerous job as the state, with one of the highest incarceration rates in the United States, struggles with violence and understaffing at detention facilities. Long hours, dangerous conditions and remote, rural locations have meant fewer guards and a system plagued with increased killings and violence.