Responded to a jail incident of inmate needing ambulance for assistance at Custer County Sheriff’s Office.

Scientist with potential

Imelda Lovos, a sixth grader at Washington Elementary, builds a barometer inside the classroom. The school celebrated Tuesday International Day of Women and Girls in Science. CDN

State Rep. Todd Russ, R-Cordell, recently won committee passage of a bill that would stop abortions from being performed once an unborn child is determined to have a detectable heartbeat.

Sinor EMS

Sinor EMS Operations Manager Johnny Red said the EMS field was hit particularly hard with COVID-19, especially early on in 2020.

Clinton Fire Department

Our department faced new and unprecedented challenges in 2020, as did many in Clinton and across the world. Numerous plans for public education and community outreach were halted by COVID-19, but we are making the best of it. We are trying to educate and make a positive impact in our community and those traveling through.

Clinton Police Department

We believe in providing our citizens a look into what their police do and have accomplished. We must evaluate our performance based on measuring progress related to strategic goals to reduce crime, improve traffic safety, and recruitment and retention of a professional work force. We are committed to providing the best and most professional police service to our community. This last year has been a busy and challenging year at the Clinton Police Department. We have made great progress in training, personnel and community interaction. Dealing with the Covid-19 situation has been the most challenging of all. We implemented shift changes and other proactive measures to ensure that the citizens of Clinton were continually protected, and adequate emergency services were preserved. We are continuing our fleet rotation program to keep our police fleet current and provide safe, economical and professional looking police cars. I am very proud of the sworn personnel and staff of the Clinton Police Department. Their hard work and dedication to our citizens is very clear and obvious.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol

In 2020, Troop H responded to 580 accidents with only 15 being fatalities. Capt. Brad Niedy said this was down from the previous year.

Arapaho Police, Fire Department

The town of Arapaho is a good place actually. I am so grateful to serve and protect here around the good people of this community.