MARRIAGE LICENSES Jeffery Jay Maynard and Jennifer Leeanne Hamilton James Oran Benjamin Bagwell and Kaitlyn Marie Dillon

In 1973, Alexander Butterfield, deputy assistant to President Richard Nixon, revealed the existence of the “Nixon Tapes” to a senatorial committee investigating the Watergate scandal.

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BOSTON (AP) — A lawsuit was filed Thursday against Hershey, Walgreens and several others in the case of a Massachusetts teen who died after he participated in a spicy tortilla chip challenge that was widely promoted on social media.

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A new state license plate design refers to Pennsylvania’s critical role in establishing the United States’ independence from England and features the phrase “Let Freedom Ring.”

WASHINGTON (AP) — Battling rough seas around Gaza, the U.S. now is considering abandoning efforts to reinstall the pier that has been used to get badly needed humanitarian aid to starving Palestinians, two U.S. officials said Thursday.