Monkeying around

A lemur attempts to take Declan Whitten’s glasses during the Extreme Animals show at the Clinton Public Library. Lemurs are allied to monkeys but usually have a foxlike face and woolly fur. CDN

Fun on the tire swing

Penelope Lee swings on the tire swing on the playground at Acme Brick Park on a warm afternoon. CDN

State Representative Sean Roberts, R-Hominy, announced he is requesting that the State Election Board Secretary call for a forensic and independent audit of the 2020 general election results in Oklahoma County and two other random counties in the state.

DEAR HARRIETTE: I took a job as an assistant to a celebrity hairstylist a few months ago. Sometimes, when he is late to an appointment or has to leave early unexpectedly, I will start or finish the job myself. Despite this, when he posts the clients’ pictures to his (very popular) Instagram page, he never credits me for helping him. The credit alone would be enough to help me secure my own clients. I don’t know how to approach him about crediting me without making things awkward. I don’t want to lose this job, but I need the exposure to venture out on my own someday. How do I ask him for credit? – Tag Me in the Pictures

Staying still, making art

Pepsi Pop Art Gallery student Chloe Nelson, left, looks up at her model Hagan Casey as a reference to sketch an avatar character.

Here's a look at Tuesday's headlines

- Fairground construction in the works

- Sex offender gives false information

- Locally-hosted OK kids tournament brings economic success to community

- Byng wins state championship

Summer maintenance

Incoming Clinton Middle School teacher Robert Gordon assists with some maintenance work during the summer by putting down vinyl tiles inside Nance Elementary’ s front office.

During their regular meeting Monday, the Custer County Commissioners approved the invitation to bid for new construction at the Custer County Fairgrounds.