(AP) — Alejandro Clemente González was talking with an electrician while preparing for weekend services at Cuba’s most important Baptist church when an enormous explosion shook the building and shattered the 19th century dome towering far above the pews.

The federal government said Thursday that artificial intelligence technology to screen new job candidates or monitor worker productivity can unfairly discriminate against people with disabilities, sending a warning to employers that the commonly used hiring tools could violate civil rights laws.

(AP) — Amendments to a lucrative contract between the state and a barbecue restaurateur to build and operate restaurants at six state parks ballooned the cost of the project by $12.4 million, the head of a state watchdog agency told Oklahoma House lawmakers on Thursday.

(AP) — For more than two decades, California’s Orange County has debated whether to build a seaside plant to convert the Pacific Ocean’s salt water into drinking water in hopes of buffering against droughts like the one now gripping the nation’s most populous state.

ODOT District 5 honored

The Oklahoma Transportation Commission honored three Oklahoma Department of Transportation highway projects at this month’s meeting. Being recognized for receiving first-place awards for quality asphalt construction were, from left, ODOT District 5 Engineer Brent Almquist from Clinton, Oklahoma Asphalt Pavement Association (OAPA) Executive Director Larry Patrick, ODOT District 6 Engineer Ron McDaniel, Buffalo Residency Project Inspector Brad Mussman, and District 5 Transportation Commissioner David Dyson from Elk City. The projects were judged by OAPA and honored at the association’s recent annual awards ceremony.

Do you eat a lot of pistachios? Save those shells and use them to help your indoor houseplants. First, if the shells are salted, soak them in water and give them a good rinse to remove all the salt. Then fill the bottom of a pot up to 1 inch with shells, depending on the size of the pot. Fill with soil and pot your new houseplant. The shells help with drainage, and over time they will degrade into beneficial mulch. You can use old shells as mulch in your garden, too.

(AP) — Jurors in a civil lawsuit decided Wednesday that American Airlines did not bear responsibility for an alleged sexual assault against a flight attendant by a celebrity chef who was hired by the airline as an independent contractor.