Last week a man asked why we were running stories in the paper that people in western Oklahoma “darn sure don’t agree with.”

Hunter Biden’s $2 million ‘sugar brother

One of the mysteries of the Hunter Biden matter is how the president's son, with no obvious sources of income, manages to maintain a grand lifestyle. For the last year or so, he has been living in a $20,000-a-month rental house in Malibu, Calif. (The taxpayers are footing the bill for the Secret Service to pay even more, $30,000 a month, to rent the house next door while

What makes dog breeds special?

So here are my qualifications for critiquing a study of canine behavior. Some years ago, my wife and I kept eight beagles in our backyard. Too many, she decided. Something needed to be done.

Prayerful words for those seeking truth

All but lost in the cacophony of the news of last week – continued fighting in Ukraine, continued economic worries, continued strife over abortion – were three of the most important sentences of the season. They came at the end of a 1,300-word speech that began "Happy Sunday!" and addressed a remarkable range of subjects from fishing to religious faith to what the speaker described as "a macabre regression of humanity."

A1C test helps determine diabetes risk

Dear Doctors: I switched to a new doctor, and she wants me to get a bunch of blood tests. One is a blood test called an A1C. She says it's for diabetes, but I already know I'm not diabetic. I don't need insulin, and sugar doesn't bother me. Are all of these tests really necessary?

Husband is not courteous when smoking

DEAR HARRIETTE: I am at my wits' end. My husband is a pot smoker. That is not news. But ever since quarantine started two years ago and we found ourselves at home all day together, he has smoked pot nearly every day -- morning, noon and night. It is no longer recreational. There seems to be a permanent waft of pot smoke going through our apartment, and I can't stand it. I work all day at my computer. The last thing I want to smell is weed as I'm pitching to clients. He is barely working and sits around watching YouTube all day and puffing. I have asked him not to smoke all day, to make sure he lights a candle before he smokes and basically to be more courteous. He just gets mad. We do not have a backyard, so whenever he smokes, the stinky cloud wafts through our whole apartment. I'm sick of it. What can I do? - Pot-Free Zone

Wounding the court’s credibility

The Supreme Court has confirmed that a draft opinion, joined by at least five justices, argues that court decisions legalizing abortion since 1973 were "egregiously wrong" and "must be overruled."

In all areas of life, it is difficult to have the best of both worlds. But in today’s society many people want the good in something but are not willing to take any of the bad that might come along with it.

Pancreatic cancer is almost impossible to dectect

Dear Doctors: My uncle had been feeling nauseous, so he saw his doctor. He figured it was a stomach bug. After getting an MRI, he was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer. He died just two months later. Needless to say, our family is in shock. Is this cancer always so dangerous? Why is it so hard to diagnose?