Reader asks for tips to avoid procrastination tendencies

DEAR HARRIETTE: I’m going into my senior year of high school, and I’m scared about all the stuff on my plate. On top of college applications, I’m enrolled in five A.P. courses, doing two internships and am an officer of four clubs. It’s a lot.

In 1793, President George Washington laid the cornerstone for the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C.

Before Clinton Economic Development Authority Director Roland Mower was hired, he told the local search committee it would take two to three years of work before it could start seeing results.

Words of wisdom during troubled times

How easy it is, in times of ease, for us to become dependent on “ our routines, on the established order of our day-to-day existence, to carry us along." These words greeted subscribers to the monthly spiritual magazine Magnificat 20 years ago, on the morning after the 9/11 attacks on the United States.

DEAR HARRIETTE: My grandmother has been sick for about a year. She's slowly losing control of her body and mind. She's not capable of living alone as she can't walk much and shows early signs of dementia. She has a live-in caretaker.

Today is the 254th day of 2021 and the 84th day of summer.