Trump gets played in Mar-a-Lago dinner

What is sure to be one of the weirder moments of the 2024 presidential campaign has just taken place before the campaign is even fully underway.

The talking heads get it wrong again

As so often happens, the national political press was virtually unanimous in getting the 2022 midterm elections all wrong. Indeed, it’s hard to recall a major political event since the Clinton administration, when I first paid serious attention, that the Washington news media has gotten largely right.

Lessons from a captured CIA officer

Seventy years ago this week, a CIA paramilitary officer found himself strapped inside a C-47 aircraft over Manchuria on a top-secret mission when everything started to go wrong.

People with synesthesia experience the world with multiple senses

Dear Doctors: When our grandson first learned his colors, he sang them along with music. We thought he was copying that song for learning the ABCs. But when he got older, he started saying that he 'hears' the colors. We have been told this is called synesthesia. How and why does it happen?

Husband turns on the charm around friends

DEAR HARRIETTE: Now that people are going out again, my husband and I have attended a few events with friends and others. I notice that he turns on the charm big-time in front of other people, but when we are alone, he retreats to his corner of our home and rarely talks to me. The other day we were out and he was bragging about some of the work that I have been doing, and I was shocked.

Where oh where have you gone, JFK?

Is 80 too old to be president? That question hovers over American politics because Joe Biden reached that milestone last weekend, the first octogenarian in our history to occupy the White House.

Father’s parenting methods were harsh, but effective

DEAR HARRIETTE: I have spent years being mad at my father about things that he did and said to me when I was a child. I grew up in his household, and he was harsh. He was a taskmaster, and he expected everyone in the family to do exactly what he said, or else suffer his glaring eye. I was so mad at him because I felt like he didn't love me. He was rarely warm or kind.