It seems harmless to throw some food scraps to furry wild creatures like raccoons or squirrels, but you're actually doing much more harm than good.

DEAR HARRIETTE: My girlfriend could not be bothered to meet my mother when she came to town to visit me, but now that I am visiting her, she wants me to meet her mother. I feel like it's not fair, and that I would be sending the wrong message if I went to meet her mom when she didn't want to meet mine. What should I do? – Visiting

In 1865, with the arrival of federal troops, slaves in Texas were informed of their freedom. The day is celebrated as the holiday Juneteenth.

Zero and one are some of the best numbers we have seen in in more than a year!

People need to stop pretending they are experts in raising cattle

One of the saddest things that happens when you raise cows is the death of newborn calves. Most often, mama cows are better at birthing and caring for their babies than you are, but things can go wrong. One time around midnight, a frustrated veterinarian told me that if people wanted to keep pet cows, they shouldn't breed them.

Fueled by what we went through last year, there is new optimism in Clinton. COVID-19 reminded us of the good things we have and made us excited about the future.

Legislature accomplished a lot in 2021

Oklahoma, like the rest of the nation, had a difficult 2020. There was no way we could have foreseen or prepared for the widespread impact of the pandemic. Work will continue this interim to ensure our state has protocols in place and is better prepared in case of any future pandemics.

Jackson, N.H., no longer named for 7th president

Up here in the White Mountains, things frequently aren't what they seem. The January showers in this Mount Washington Valley town often take their form as snowfalls in the high summits. The expertrated Maple Slalom ski trail on Black Mountain just up the road from the Christmas Farm Inn isn't as forbidding as its reputation. The Mount Clinton near the Presidential Range peaks of Mount Adams, Mount Jefferson, Mount Madison, Mount Monroe and Mount Eisenhower isn't named for Bill Clinton – and in any case often is called Mount Pierce.

Culture, adults letting young people down

You may have heard by now about Paxton Smith, the high-school valedictorian in Texas who switched out her expected speech to decry the recent heartbeat law passed in that state, which restricts abortions early on in pregnancy.