Family estrangement doesn’t skip a generation

DEAR HARRIETTE: My mother has always expressed frustration with her immediate family, specifically her parents and her sister. She moved away from them as soon as she turned 18. As I was growing up, my mother used to tell me how important it was for her to keep her distance from them for her own mental wellbeing. Now that I’m all grown up, I’ve started to recognize a similar dynamic between my mother and sister — one that reminds me of my mother’s family. How can I preserve a sense of balance and connection in our relationship without allowing their behavior to affect me in an undesirable way? I don’t want to push my mom and sister away the way my mother pushed her family away. — Breaking the Cycle DEAR BREAKING THE CYCLE:

Six adults were killed March 9, 2023, in Hamburg, Germany, in what police described as a 'rampage' after an evening religious service. Several others were wounded during the attack at a Jehovah's Witness center, called a Kingdom Hall, including a woman who lost her pregnancy. The suspected shooter was reported to be a former member of the religious group.

How a faithful Catholic in Congress turned into a heretic

As a veteran Chicagoland Democrat, Rep. Daniel Lipinski knew what to expect when facing newspaper editors during pre-election endorsement season -- hard questions about his support for centuries of Catholic teachings on abortion.


At a Freedom Celebration ’93 meeting, volunteers paused during their discussion of fund-raising progress for the Christian outreach for a photo. Shown were Steve Richardson, Steve Weichel, Carol Laufer, Joye Richardson and Gayle Janning.

Biden and Democrats’ crime problem

What’s one good clue that President Joe Biden really intends to run for reelection in 2024? He is trying to distance himself from the Democratic Party’s soft approach to crime. The president, who in 2020 distanced himself from Democrats who advocated defunding the police, stunned many in his party recently when he announced his opposition to a lenient local law in the District of Columbia that would reduce sentences for carjackers and other criminals who use guns in the commission of their crimes.

Boyfriend to help brother with addiction

DEAR HARRIETTE: My brother has been battling substance addiction for a while now. My boyfriend struggled with the same thing for years before I met him, and he is now completely sober, healthy and thriving. I want the same thing for my brother. The emotional and psychological toll that my brother's addiction has taken on our family is immeasurable, and I'm always looking for resources to help him. I was wondering if my current partner could provide some insight into his journey and be a supportive, positive presence for my brother in a way that only those who have lived through similar experiences can truly do. Could this be too big of an ask? My brother and my boyfriend do not have much of a relationship. — Desperate for Help DEAR DESPERATE FOR HELP: