We often question how polls come up with results that seem so out of kilter with the way we see things in western Oklahoma. Flaws in polling data hit a peak four years ago when Donald Trump, who according to the polls didn’t have any chance of beating Hillary Clinton, was elected president.

Today is the 256th day of 2020 and the 85th day of summer.

Music and marching

Trombone player Joanna Perez holds her instrument steady and yells as she performs the marching band command.

Ready for rain

Jim Reedy from Hydro hops into his truck during a rainy day after he fills up his automobile with gas so he can stay warm and dry.

We have always admired towns that were once nothing more than wide spots in the road that became tourist hot spots.

Russian deadenders try for comeback

The Trump-Russia investigation effectively ended on July 24, 2019, the day special counsel Robert Mueller testified on Capitol Hill. Mueller's halting presentation of his 400-plus-page report troubled both Republicans and Democrats. But of greater concern was this fact: After two years of investigating, with all the powers of law enforcement at his command, Mueller failed to establish that Russia and the Trump campaign conspired to fix the 2016 election. It was the central allegation the special counsel was hired to investigate, and he could not establish that it ever took place.