(AP) — For the first time in three years, the fall movie industrial complex is lurching back into high gear. Festival red carpets are rolled out. Oscar campaigns are primed. Longawaited blockbusters, like 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever' and 'Avatar: The Way of Water,' are poised for big box office.

DEAR HARRIETTE: I am having so much trouble keeping up at my job. I am new here with lots of skills that are needed, but what I don’t have is hurting me. I have limited facility with technology. I find it impossible to keep track of ever-changing passwords and struggle to use certain devices and software. What are simple tasks to some people are torturous to me; my lack in those areas ends up making me late for meetings and turning in presentations.

Board member wants to step down from post

DEAR HARRIETTE: I serve on a community board in my city that has done a lot of good over the years. I have had many different roles, and it has been a good run. I am getting older now and want to retire. The problem is that the board is small, and its members are pressing me to stay on. I appreciate the support, but I have had health issues and know that it is time for me to step down. I spoke to the chair of the board recently, and he refused to accept my resignation. To guilt me, he claims that if I leave, the board will be in violation because they are required by law to have a certain number of board members. I’m sorry if that is true, but that is not my problem. How can I extricate myself without things getting ugly? – Time To Go DEAR TIME TO GO: Because you are so committed to this board and its work, consider giving them a deadline by which they need to find a replacement board member, and agree that you will remain on the board in the meantime. Make it clear that when that date arrives, you will be leaving, period.

CGM useful tool for tracking blood glucose

Dear Doctors: My best friend has diabetes. She used to do finger sticks, but now she has a wearable glucose monitor. How do they work? It’s got me wondering if it might be a good idea for me to use one, too. I’m 66 years old, and as I’m getting older, I worry more about developing Type 2 diabetes.


Clinton band instructor Douglas Hillock was shown working with four beginning band students at Southwest School. They were, left to right, Karen Winters, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.


Mrs. Buddy Young, left, mother of OU player Gary Young, and Mrs. Zeke Meacham, mother of former OU· player Randy Meacham, were shown with the Little Miss Red OU Cheerleader Talking Dolls. Both were employees of Oklahoma Bank and Trust and invited people to come to the bank and see them for their Little Miss Red Doll.


1970 CHS graduste Roger Newton, son of Mr. and Mrs.