Cannabis during pregnancy linked to low birth weight

Dear Doctor: Several studies have shown a correlation between marijuana use and low birth weight, and I understand that marijuana today has been cultivated to be much stronger than what was used in earlier years. Should this be a concern for women who are pregnant?

Work relationship needs clarification

DEAR HARRIETTE: I get invited to events all the time with my work. Occasionally my husband wants to go, but not most of the time. His work is demanding, and he likes his day to end at 6, not start up again at 7 or 8.

Words from a third grader at Southwest

My name is Parker Turney and I am in the third grade at Southwest School. People are always asking me how is school and what’s going on at my school. So I asked if I could put something in the newspaper to let everyone know.

UFOs at my house are Unidentified Fridge Objects

I was looking for some celery in the vegetable drawer. What I found looked like a dead green octopus. There were other things in there that used to be vegetables, but were now composting at an alarming rate. Is cauliflower better-tasting when it's brown?

Finding a way to turn right into wrong

Apparently, there are 150 public statues in New York City, and none of them are of women. So Chirlane McCray, the wife of New York City Mayor Bill De-Blasio, ran an online poll for nominations for women who should be honored throughout the city.

Family sensitive with party invitations

DEAR HARRIETTE: My family and I are planning a big birthday celebration for our dad. He is turning 85, and we want to honor him while he is alive. As

Husband not pulling weight in busy family

DEAR HARRIETTE: I have two young children and a husband who works all the time. He wants to be supportive, but it’s a hollow idea. When he gets home from