Friends don’t see eye to eye on family support

DEAR HARRIETTE: One of my closest friends recently tore me apart, citing the stark differences in our lifestyles and how we were raised. I come from an individualistic family where putting personal needs first is the norm, while she comes from a collectivist family where the emphasis is on the needs of the group. This contrast has created a significant rift in our relationship, with my friend accusing me of selfishness.

How much money is really enough?

Donald Trump is raising money like crazy. Joe Biden just got a pledge of more than $1 billion from progressive groups. Almost every day, news outlets report more money flowing to the two candidates.

Shopper judged for simple clothing choices

DEAR HARRIETTE: Recently, I went to a high-end store wearing a simple dress, and I noticed that the sales lady did not seem eager to assist me. Despite politely requesting help, I was largely ignored while other customers who were dressed in more extravagant clothing were approached immediately. This experience made me feel like I was being judged based on my appearance rather than being treated equally as a customer. It felt like a clear display of inequality and discrimination. It is not fair to prioritize certain customers over others based on their appearance. —Not Fair Treatment

In 1830, the Book of Mormon went on sale at a bookstore in Palmyra, N.Y.

The futility of banning TikTok

With hefty bipartisan backing, the House has passed a bill that would force Tik Tok – the wildly popular Chinese-owned social media app – to sell out or face a ban. Normally, a measure that commands that kind of support makes sense. This one does not, and it should die in the Senate.

Living with a cat brings challenges

We have had our adopted Mexican street cat, Felix, for a month now. “Has he bulked out?” I asked my husband, Peter, as we watched Felix, standing on his back legs and walloping the tattered mouse hanging from his sisal scratching post. Felix looked like a boxer, beating the remaining stuffing out of his helpless little toy mouse. Bits of fur and mouse innards were strewn around the kitchen. But the carnage was not limited to the kitchen.

Unimpressed with unemployed boyfriend

DEAR HARRIETTE: I’ve been dating my boyfriend for eight months, and I think he might be the one I want to marry. I am 32 years old, and it feels well past due. My family, however, doesn’t approve of him at all. They believe he is unsuitable for me and have expressed their concerns about our relationship. He is unemployed currently, and I pay our rent and other expenses, which is why they are unimpressed with him.

Company executive yells at intern

DEAR HARRIETTE: I am doing an internship at an energy company, and I am working on a solo project. I have been taking my time because this is my first internship, and I want to make a good impression. This week, I was sitting in a meeting with a lot of senior executives, and my boss’s boss started screaming at me because I was taking too long on my project. I was trying so hard to hold back the tears, but unfortunately, a few slipped out during the meeting because I was so upset that he would call me out in front of all the employees so high up in the company, even though I was trying my hardest to complete the project. I was also confused because I was told that I needed to have the project finished a week before my internship ends, which is two weeks from now. I can’t believe that instead of pulling me aside separately, he decided to yell at me in front of everyone. Do you think I should address this with someone in the company or keep quiet since I am just an intern? – Vulnerable Intern DEAR VULNERABLE INTERN: Speak to your boss. Ask for advice on how you might have handled yourself differently in that meeting. Request support on completing the assignment and making a good overall impression at the company. Inquire as to whether his boss is often harsh like he was to you, and find out what other employees do when he snaps like that.