Inverse psoriasis occurs in areas of folded skin

Dear Doctors: I have been diagnosed with inverse psoriasis in the area of my groin. My dermatologist has prescribed clobetasol propionate ointment to be used twice a day. The skin in that area bleeds easily, and physical contact is painful. Please explain this condition and if there is a cure.

Consultant recognizes facilitator’s hard work

DEAR HARRIETTE: I am a business consultant. I worked with a new team this week and got to observe the program facilitator up close. She did an outstanding job taking care of her team and making sure that the environment was conducive to a positive outcome.

Today is the 126th day of 2023 and the 48th day of spring.


Receiving awards for being in the upper 3 percent of the nation’s graduating high school students were (front row, left to right) Jon Paden, DeAnna Davis, Jackie Rightnowar, Kristin King, (back row) Jay Richert, Paul Howell, Alan Dick, Jeff Shadle and Eric Schumacher. Not pictured were Glynn Walker, Amy Warner and Jesse Vasquey.

Recession and the 2024 campaign

For more than two years now, Republicans have been predicting that President Joe Biden’s big-spending policies will crash the U.S. economy into recession. It hasn’t happened yet, although the country did experience two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth – a widely accepted definition of recession – in the first and second quarters of 2022. But the economy climbed back into positive growth territory in the next quarter and has stayed there since.

Current familiar words: You’re fired!

Now that the cable TV news networks are firing people left and right, how about if they fire Donald Trump? Sure, he can be a short-term ratings booster, but what about the long-term costs? If Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon could be shown the door, why not the most ubiquitous talking head of them all?


All of that old and unwanted gym and sporting equipment is not only recyclable, it can make you money, too. Hand weights are made mostly from iron, and even if there are some rubberized components attached to them, those are easily removed, and the rest is recyclable.