In 1768, British explorer James Cook set sail from England on his first expedition to the southern Pacific Ocean.

Gut-brain axis plays part in nervous stomach

Dear Doctors: Sometimes when I get nervous, my stomach will knot up and start to ache. Sometimes I even get diarrhea, which is embarrassing. Why does that happen? Should I see a doctor? I'd like to know about any natural remedies that might help, and also any medications.

Start of school brings fresh optimism

The first day of school is one of my favorite days of the entire year. After 19 years in education, I’m just as excited for the new school year as ever before.

Televise the trials to inform everyone

Here's the thing about Donald Trump: He's not a real mobster, just a mouthy blowhard who plays one on TV. A trust-fund preppie surrounded by bodyguards all his life — bodyguards and lawyers, not gangsters and hit men. It's a good bet the big man himself has never so much as had a fistfight. Never even played a contact sport. He's a country club bully and notorious golf cheat.


Packing a picnic basket and eating somewhere in the beautiful outdoors is a beloved summertime activity for many of us. But plan your picnics without single-use bottles, disposable plates and plastic utensils that can lead to waste both at the picnic site and in landfills. You can make your picnic more eco-friendly by opting for nearly zero-waste loose fruit selections like peaches and apples, wrapping up sandwiches in recyclable aluminum foil, and filling reusable bottles with homemade drinks.