Harriette Cole

DEAR HARRIETTE: Several students in my daughter's school have died by suicide in the past two years. Now we are hearing of college presidents and other professionals who are taking their lives. This trend is frightening. Though I can turn off the news at home, my daughter is still aware of these tragedies. I am so worried for her and her friends.

Vaccination best way to fight tripledemic

Hello, dear readers, and welcome to a bonus letters column. We'll begin with the latest data that show this winter is shaping up to be another 'tripledemic.' Influenza and respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, are surging throughout the United States, and new cases of COVID-19 are not far behind. Please protect yourselves and the people around you by getting this year's flu vaccine and the updated COVID shot. It's not too late for either of these, and there is evidence that getting both at once boosts immune response.

Partner ready for formalized relationship

DEAR HARRIETTE: I'm in a relationship where we've mutually agreed to exclusivity, yet we haven't formalized our relationship status. We value the natural flow of our connection, but I desire more clarity. How can I guide conversations about defining our relationship without putting undue pressure on the organic progression we've cherished? Sometimes the lack of an official definition makes me anxious, and I find myself pondering the future of our relationship. — What's Next DEAR WHAT'S NEXT: What do you want for your future? When you think about your life, what do you see, and do you see that potentially with this partner? Now is the time to talk to your partner about your vision of your future and ask about theirs. Too often, people drift together without clarity. For some people, that's fine, but often one partner is not as comfortable. That stems from not knowing how you fit into your partner's dreams for the future.

Today is the 27th day of 2024 and the 38th day of winter.

Marching for Life is important for all of humanity

The late former New York City mayor Ed Koch wrote in 1989, 'My mother told me that she tried to induce a miscarriage by jumping off chairs and trunks.' He explained that she had told him she had several abortions in her life. 'We were very poor. The prospect of another mouth to feed posed serious problems,' he wrote.

Trump vs. Haley: Could the polls be wrong?

Everything that everyone says about the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary is shaped by the polls showing Donald Trump far ahead of Nikki Haley. The former president leads the former governor by 19.3 points, 55.8% to 36.5%, in the RealClear-Politics average of polls. There are a few polls that look like outliers, like one showing Trump 27 points ahead. But the cluster of polls showing Trump between 14 and 18 points in the lead looks like it’s the center of things.

Creatine supplements can help build muscle mass

Dear Doctors: I'm a 36-year-old woman, and recently I began lifting weights to get stronger. A trainer at my gym has been saying that taking a creatine supplement could be helpful for that. What is creatine, and what does it do?