Parent wants to know when to share about adoption

DEAR HARRIETTE: I’m about to welcome a new baby into my family soon, and it’s through adoption. I’m over the moon excited and ready for the challenge of being a new parent, but I’m also struggling with the difficult question of when to tell the child they’re adopted. I understand that it’s something they’ll eventually find out and something I can’t keep hidden forever, so when should I have that conversation?

All political eyes turn to Florida

VERO BEACH, Florida – Three-quarters of a century ago, when Joe Biden and Donald Trump were children, this state was a backwater, both the smallest in the South and the smallest east of the Mississippi, ranked in the bottom half of the states by population and by home ownership. Its six members of the House – fewer than Oklahoma – were nobodies, representing a sprawling peninsula that was basically nowhere. It had enjoyed booms (land, citrus) and busts (land, citrus) in recurring waves of dreams and dross. The University of Florida had about the same student enrollment (2,604) as Vermont’s Middlebury College has now (2,526).

Gift-wrapping a campaign issue

For every action in politics there is a reaction, and here is proof: The Dobbs decision last June, repealing a national right to abortion, was a devastating blow to women personally, but a huge benefit to Democrats politically.

TSA agent not amused with bunny food

The TSA agent looked stern — as they usually do. “I’d like to look inside this bag, ma’am,” he said. “No problem!” I always sound a little too eager when being questioned by an authority figure. I’m trying so hard to prove I have nothing to hide that I sound like I must have something to hide.

Friend drives after a few too many drinks

DEAR HARRIETTE: I recently went out with a friend of mine. She had a few too many drinks. I asked her not to drive home and offered to call her an Uber, but she was adamant that she was fine to drive. Knowing that wasn’t the case, I convinced her to let me order her some food in the hope that she would sober up a little bit, but she was still insistent on driving home.

Dear Editor: I personally, and on behalf of the Western Plains Genealogical Society, want to thank you for the coverage your paper gave for our recent Clinton Cemetery tour.

2002 HRT study comes under criticism

Dear Doctors: Could you please write about hormone replacement therapy in menopause? It got labeled as dangerous due to a single study, which I’ve read is considered to be flawed. I started HRT before that study came out, and it saved my health, my ability to continue working and my marriage.

Parent worries about daughters moving in together

DEAR HARRIETTE: My youngest daughter is graduating from college this year and is looking forward to moving in with her older sister when she graduates. Both girls live in a different state than me. While I love them both, I am hesitant about this decision. My older daughter has always been a bit malicious and mean to her little sister, and I’m not comfortable with them living together without my presence there to supervise. I’m worried about the potential of a toxic relationship developing between the two of them.