Legendary popovers are only half the story

In those black-and-white days, so long ago, my high school classmates Cindy Smith, Cheryl Gordon and Jan Schwartz were popover girls, circulating through the General Glover House Restaurant dining room with a basket of hot, light and buttery rolls. So was Susan Harris, whose younger brother — another classmate, Dougie Harris — was a busboy. Jeff Lunt, a year ahead of us, marinated the mushrooms, steamed the corn and prepared the garlic bread. Sometimes on late nights, the town police would drive him home.

Father refuses to help with daughter’s care

DEAR HARRIETTE: I am upset with my husband because he thinks that it isn't his responsibility to do our daughter's hair — ever. He thinks that since he's a man, any responsibility that is deemed feminine isn't his job. I've tried explaining that parenting responsibilities should be shared equally, regardless of gender stereotypes, but he's adamant.

How President Biden wins women over

Jill Biden argued recently, 'Women put Joe in the White House four years ago, and women will do it again.' Her first statement is undeniably true. The second remains to be seen. But if Jill's husband, Joe, does win a second term, women will be the reason.


• Clinton’s Red Tornado baseball team won the championship of the Weatherford Tournament with a 5-3 win over Elk City in the tournament’s title game. Shown were Colby Flaming, Aaron Hunter, Jerome Hurd, Todd Barnhart, Jeff King, Lance Smith, head coach Kelly Gaunt, David Wardwell, Tyree Brookter, Cody Rehder, Will Jenkins, Tyrone Lewis Jr., Ryan Meacham, Sean McKeaigg, Aaron Graft, Russ Meacham, Jon Hunter, Derek Rhodes, coach Scott Dawson and Jeremy Thompson.

Study looks at oral microbe in colorectal cancer

Dear Doctors: I recently read about a study that found a link between a certain kind of bacteria that lives in your mouth and the risk of developing colon cancer. I would like to know more details about that study, and also if this might point to a new approach in treatments.

JERUSALEM (AP) — Every year, Alon Gat's mother led the family's Passover celebration of the liberation of the ancient Israelites from Egypt thousands of years ago. But this year, Gat is struggling with how to reconcile a holiday commemorating freedom after his mother was slain and other family members abducted when Hamas attacked Israel.