Okla., U.S. owe a lot to Sen. Inhofe

I was surprised but not shocked when U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe announced he would be ending his more than 35-year career representing our Oklahoma values in the nation’s Capitol. The first time I met Inhofe was in my office at the Sand Springs Leader in 1989 while he was serving in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Has Biden’s presidency changed?

Russia's war on Ukraine comes at a moment of political weakness for President Joe Biden. His job approval rating is low, low enough to drag down his party's chances in the midterms, Americans are angry watching their standard of living diminished by inflation, there is lingering frustration about the president's handling of COVID and there are widespread doubts whether the 79-year-old Biden – the oldest president in the nation's history – is physically and mentally up to the job.

Diet rich in fatty fish good for cognitive function

Dear Doctors: Our grandfather is having memory problems, and my mom is trying to get him to eat more fish. I know fish is called "brain food," but my mom says she has heard on the news that fish keeps you from getting dementia. Is this true? What about fish and mercury?

Parent wants adult daughter to forget about the past

DEAR HARRIETTE: My grown daughter keeps bringing up the fact that I wasn't in her life as a child. This is really frustrating to me because I'm here now, and when I wasn't there, my parents were. I went off to college when she was born, and the one time I tried to get her as a baby, her mother wouldn't allow it, so I left things alone and let my parents be involved. I've built a great life for myself now, so why can't she just appreciate the present day? – Get Over It

And now, we watch

One of them wants to be everyone's friend; the other is emerging as no one's.

How to own the future

Both national parties represent broad coalitions of wide-ranging interests, otherwise they couldn't win elections in such a vast and diverse country. These parties are most successful when they unify their factions behind an idea, a cause or a candidate.