ST. LOUIS (AP) — For decades, Missouri executions played out in similar fashion: An inmate was strapped to a gurney in a drab room, alone except for the eyes of witnesses staring through thick, soundproof glass as unidentified executioners administered the lethal chemical from behind a cinderblock wall.

Parent’s constant hypocrisy leads to distrust

DEAR HARRIETTE: I pride myself on teaching my daughter how to honor her commitments, including holding confidential information confidential. She has demonstrated that she is good at that, and I am very proud of her. What I am not proud of is my own behavior. I could kick myself.

Employee feels unappreciated by taciturn boss

DEAR HARRIETTE: I feel like my boss doesn't actually like me despite putting on a friendly face in public. They always seem to be on edge around me. It's difficult to gauge their reaction when I make suggestions or tell them about work I've done, as it almost feels like they are trying to ignore me or shut down any input I give. As hard as I try to prove myself and do my best, the situation does not seem to get any better.

President nobody wants to run again

President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address was widely seen as both a traditional speech and as the informal, unstated kickoff to his 2024 reelection campaign. But the most striking thing about a Biden 2024 effort, if in fact there is one, is that it is a race few Americans want him to run.

GOP can’t stop failing with investigations

The two most common themes of MAGA sorehead emails I received last year were the inevitability of an anti-Biden landslide in 2022, and the certainty of Hillary Clinton’s prosecution by “independent counsel” John Durham, supposedly for falsifying evidence against Donald Trump during the “Russia, Russia, Russia hoax,” as Trump styles it.


Researchers at the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi recently conducted a study to figure out the absolute greenest way to produce a cup of coffee at home. They found that brewing coffee through a traditional coffee maker with a disposable paper filter has the highest carbon footprint, due to the waste of the filter, the energy to heat up the water and the likelihood that not all of the coffee will actually be consumed. To green your routine, invest in a reusable metal filter, and brew smaller amounts. And instant coffee (there are some good ones out there) was the clear winner for producing the least waste.