Dr. Eve Glazier

Dear Doctor: I keep reading about something called “resistant starch.” People are saying I should get it into my diet. Why is it so important? How much do I need?

Harriette Cole

DEAR HARRIETTE: I feel like I am turning into my grandmother. I am in my 50s, and I have many of the chronic diseases that she has had since about my age. I am not proud of that, but it’s true.

Mike Hyman

Private funeral services for Mike Hyman, 56, Hammon resident formerly of Clinton, will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, March 23, 2020 in the Clinton Church of Christ, officiated by Patrick Peters. Burial will conclude in the Clinton Cemetery under the direction of the Kiesau-Lee Funeral Home.

Allan Livingston

Private funeral services for Allan Livingston, 84, Clinton, officiated by Patrick Peters. Burial will follow in the Clinton Cemetery under the direction of the Kiesau-Lee Funeral Home.

David M. Shribman

The Greatest Generation is the one that conquered the Great Depression and then won the Second World War. It created the strongest consumer culture that ever existed. It set the United States on its path to world power and unprecedented prosperity. It did so with ingenuity and intelligence, to be sure, but it also did it with courage, grit, sacrifice and hope.

Steven V. Roberts

Now that Joe Biden has virtually clinched the Democratic nomination, the next question is his running mate. He's promised to name a woman, and there are many good candidates – but his best bet would be Amy Klobuchar, the senator from Minnesota who ran a credible race for the top spot and strongly endorsed Biden after dropping out.

Kathryn Jean Lopez

An Uber driver told me this. On one of my last Uber rides for a while, I suspect. He is Muslim and seemed to have some real peace about him as he drove me to Catholic Mass, the same day that Mass cancellations became a thing here in the United States. I knew it was happening in Rome, but, gosh, it sure did seem to happen here quick.

I need test, you need a test, we all need a test! Or do we? If you are like approximately 80 percent of the population, a test confirming we are positive for COVID-19 won’t change the doctor’s advice.