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In the past few days, we've seen a number of political analysts come to a momentous conclusion. Actually, two momentous conclusions. The first is that it is unlikely anyone can catch former President Donald Trump in the race for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. The second is that it is entirely possible Trump, having won the GOP nomination, could go on to win the general election and become President Trump again.

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DEAR HARRIETTE: My son has moved back into my home after getting a divorce from his wife of one year. He is 25 years old, and I feel his marriage failed due to his misogynistic comments. Over the past couple of years, he started watching a YouTuber who has been giving him these ideas.

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Dear Doctors: I'm a 97-year-old woman. Sometimes my blood pressure drops, and I faint. It lasts just a few seconds, because as soon as I'm prone, I wake up. I don't have any cardiac issues, and there's no pain. It's just a sudden funny feeling, then I'm out. What might be causing this?

Disabilities Waitlist is shrinking

Iwas encouraged by the latest report from the State Department of Human Services that the Developmental Disabilities Services Waitlist is on track to be eliminated by next summer.

Niece’s college-hopping worries relative

DEAR HARRIETTE: My niece is enrolled in her third college in three years, and I am nervous that she is wasting her time and money. She started off at a school in Texas playing soccer. After many issues with her coach and teammates, she decided not to play for them the next school year and ended up leaving the college. She moved back to our home state of Ohio and went to a community college but decided it was too small for her. Now she is at our state school, and it seems as if she will stick it out.

It’s never over in New Hampshire

WOODSTOCK, N.H. — It's over. Donald Trump is the inevitable Republican presidential nominee. No, it's not. Trump is too flawed — and lately too nutty — to be the Republicans' standard-bearer.

High levels of HDL, lower risk of heart disease

Hello, dear readers, and welcome to a bonus letters column. We're working our way through a bonanza of mail and will continue to respond to as many of your notes and emails as possible. — We'll begin with a thank you to the many — so many! — of you who wrote in response to a column on time-restricted eating. You pointed out that we misidentified LDL, also known as low-density lipoproteins. This is, as you correctly pointed out, the so-called 'bad' cholesterol. LDL contributes to the buildup of fatty debris in the arteries. This causes the vessels to become narrow, which increases the risk of atherosclerosis. The 'good' cholesterol is HDL, or highdensity lipoprotein. It absorbs cholesterol in the blood and delivers it to the liver for disposal. High levels of HDL can play a role in lowering the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Third-party nightmare

Chris Sununu, the popular Republican governor of New Hampshire, says Donald Trump 'cannot mathematically win in November' of next year. Chris Christie, the former New Jersey governor now running for the Republican nomination, uses three words to describe Trump: 'Loser, loser, loser.'

New mom wishes daughter looked more like her

DEAR HARRIETTE: I'm a brand-new mother. Recently, I've been receiving a lot of comments from friends and family about how much my infant daughter looks like her father. I'm sure these comments are meant to be a harmless observation, but I find them annoying and a bit hurtful. After all, I carried my child for nine months and would have liked her to resemble me a bit more. Am I overreacting? Should I just take the comments and let them go? Or should I confront people about their seemingly thoughtless remarks? Any advice would be appreciated. — New Mom DEAR NEW MOM: Take a deep breath and step back a moment. Someone once told me that it is a good thing when an infant looks like their dad because it helps the dad feel connected to the newborn. There’s an undeniable and deep connection between mother and child for the very reason you pointed out. Consider it a blessing that the child looks like her dad.