Yes, President Trump’s erroneous insistence that Alabama would be hit by Hurricane Dorian – and his ham-handed alteration of an official map to support his mistake – has spawned countless hilarious memes. But the larger implications of this incident are far more serious.

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It seems to be taking an awfully long time to remodel the guest bathroom, but that’s partly my fault. Apparently you can’t just put a shower anywhere you want, because they have to move the pipes. And moving the pipes is very expensive.

Dear Editor:

Like many expatriates of the great city of Clinton, I enjoy logging into most every day to see the news and maybe see a picture of an old friend.

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Dear Doctor: I was recently diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome and was told to follow something called the low-FODMAP diet. Honestly, this is all so new that it’s stressful and confusing. Can you explain what’s going on?

On average, about 675 pieces of unwanted junk mail end up in our mailboxes every year. If you want to put an end to the madness, try these easy steps.

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DEAR ABBY: I’m watching the slow-motion destruction of a childhood friend on Facebook. There is substance abuse, infidelity, divorce, the whole lot. It hurts. He recently admitted that he has