Dessert is an indulgence, and when you delight in the taste, texture and aroma of a decadent sweet treat, you savor every bite. It is easy to get lost in the flavor and fragrance of rich chocolate or creamy caramel.

Pear and Brie Honey Tartlets

Makes about 2 dozen tartlets

Brie has creamy texture and is a soft-ripened cheese with mild flavor

Honey adds sweetness and balances the cheese flavor

Pear also adds sweetness

Cardamom adds a slight bitter note

If you've just squeezed a bunch of lemons to make a batch of lemonade or salad dressing, don't toss the rinds into the compost yet. Instead, fill a large stock pot with water and squeezed lemons, and bring it to a boil.

We were willing to accept whichever plan the Oklahoma Department of Transportation selected for the new I-40 interchange in Clinton because ODOT is the highway expert, not us.

The choice facing Republicans

Legally, Donald Trump was acquitted by the U.S. Senate. But politically, he has been found guilty by the American public. And the clash between those two judgments is creating a jagged split right down the middle of the Republican Party.

Super Bowl ad was a lesson on life

We found a baby girl for your adoption, but there are some “ things you will need to know. She's in Siberia, and she was born with a rare condition. Her legs will need to be amputated. I know this is difficult to hear. Her life, it won't be easy."

While watching the impeachment trial of former President Trump, there is something that should concern us all.

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You may have heard that a 9-year-old was recently pepper-sprayed by a police officer in Rochester, NY. But did you happen to watch the whole video of what transpired?

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After Republicans lost the White House and both chambers of Congress last November, you might think they'd be asking themselves: How can we attract more voters in the next election?