Girlfriend’s comment sparks insecurity

DEAR HARRIETTE: My girlfriend accidentally made a rude comment about my height. I don't think that she meant to be offensive, but my height is something I'm very insecure about. I am feeling different about her now that I know how she really feels. Before she made that comment, she made me feel like my height was something she didn't pay attention to at all. Now I know that all along she has noticed my insecurity as much as I have. She immediately apologized, but the damage has been done. How am I supposed to move past this? I feel like the world looks at me as a short man. – Height Insecurity

Invest in Clinton’s future!

Let there be no doubt that it costs lots of money to renovate and build new schools. It also took a lot of money to construct the current Clinton Middle School building 87 years ago. The same can be said for some of the buildings at Nance and Southwest Elementary schools that have been in use for more than half a century.

Addressing marijuana industry

We’ve officially passed the second reading deadline to hear measures in our chamber, which typically means we’re about halfway through this session.

Company culture may not be a fit for new employee

DEAR HARRIETTE: My new job has a much more laid-back work environment than I am used to. At the orientation, the higher-ups shared a number of important rules and guidelines with the new hires, but I seem to be the only employee who's following them. My co-workers seem to do whatever they want at all times, and they rarely meet sales goals. The environment is definitely hurting my productivity at work. I am a hard worker, and I always want to do a good job – regardless of what others have going on. I'm starting to think that maybe I'm at the wrong company. What should I do? – Hard Worker


● Gasoline is hitting record prices, so every little action you can take to be as fuel-efficient as possible helps. The easiest way to improve efficiency by as much as 20%? Drive the posted speed limit. Driving faster doesn't typically get you where you're going any sooner, and riding the gas pedal wastes a lot of fuel. Also, if you do need to accelerate to, say, pass a car, avoid flooring it to cut back on fuel waste.

The lesson of Judge Jackson

Elections have consequences. Just consider two numbers: 234 and 3. The first is how many federal judges Donald Trump appointed during his four years in office. The second is how many of them now serve on the Supreme Court.

Running for office in post-truth America

A Facebook item posted the other day by Sarah Huckabee Sanders, onetime Trump administration minister of disinformation and current Arkansas gubernatorial candidate, features a photo of Sanders grinning like a possum in front of her campaign truck. Prominent in the foreground is a supermarket sign advertising GUNS/AMMO.

Starting wars easy; challenge ending them

If Winston Churchill were here – and some of us saw him, or his latest incarnation, this month, addressing the U.S. Congress on the plight of his beleaguered and besieged country – he would not know whether the conflict in Ukraine is only beginning, or is nearing its end, or merely is at the end of its beginning. But as always, the world knows more about how wars begin than how they end.