Texas abortion case defies logic

Try as I may, I simply cannot comprehend the thinking of Texas Republican officials who forced a 31-yearold mother of two to flee the state to secure a legal abortion in order to spare the doomed fetus in her womb from terrible suffering, preserve her ability to bear a third child, and possibly save her life.

Diet, hydration best way to get electrolytes

Dear Doctors: My husband was given a small jar of an electrolyte powder by a friend and has decided to take it on a daily basis. He is 76 years old, sedentary, a bit overweight and has high blood pressure. Might taking electrolytes cause him problems?

Family, friends encourage sober person to drink

DEAR HARRIETTE: Despite announcing my decision to stop drinking to many friends and family, I still encounter peer pressure when I go out with them. It’s challenging to stick to my choice without feeling like I’m ruining the vibe or being seen as a buzzkill. I value my decision, yet I don’t want to dampen the fun or create discomfort when declining drinks. How can I navigate these situations gracefully and stand by my choice without negatively affecting the atmosphere?

Legislation reaches finalization period

Preparations are well underway for the 2024 legislative session, which convenes on February 5. The deadline to request bills recently passed, and we are now working on finalizing legislation related to a variety of issues and projects across the state.

Wife encourages solo trip for partner

DEAR HARRIETTE: I received a holiday bonus and planned a family trip for the New Year, but considering our budget, it’s looking tight. My wife suggested that I use the bonus for a solo trip, leaving her to manage our three young kids -- ages 2, 4 and 6 -- for about five days. I’m conflicted; I want to honor her suggestion as it was my bonus, but the idea of leaving her with all the household responsibilities and our little ones makes me feel extremely guilty.

The importance of family, especially during Christmas

Ababy, a mother and a father. They are at the heart of the Christmas season. And, yet, as Mary Eberstadt points out in her book 'How the West Really Lost God,' a nuclear family might seem strange to many people who did not grow up in one. And the celebration of a baby might hold a painful reminder to a person unable to have children for whatever reason. Eberstadt's point is that we should acknowledge how reality contrasts with our ideals.

This year's religion beat dominated by Hamas, Israel war

The Hamas surprise attack on Israeli citizens was selected as the year's most important international story by religion-beat journalists, in part because it led to 'spikes in Islamophobia and antisemitism' when Israel launched its massive counterattack on Gaza. Members of the Religion News Association echoed that decision when voting to select the top 2023 religion story in America.

Christmas is not about gifts, shiny baubles or things that will be quickly discarded to the pending garage sales of yore. It’s not the gadgets and gizmos – it’s the memories and true spirit of the holidays.