Chance to change schools is April 5

Very rarely do we all get an opportunity to help change the trajectory of an entire community. I believe we are presented with such an opportunity on April 5.

Finding the right balance is tough

It's a terrible, terrible decision that he faces." That's “ Sen. Dick Durbin, an Illinois Democrat, on CNN, describing President Joe Biden's dilemma as Vladimir Putin escalates his attacks on Ukraine, civilian casualties mount, and a horrified world watches on social media.

Looking for more Marinas

find myself awed and somewhat shamed by the moral authority and enormous courage of Marina Ovsyannikova, the woman who materialized on the set of Russian state I TV's flagship news program on March 14 holding a handlettered poster with Ukrainian and Russian flags, which read, in English, "No War" and "Russians Against War."

Last month the Clinton City Council made a bold decision that will make our town more appealing and in the process help protect home values here.

Why Nancy Pelosi is nervous

House Democrats recently went on their annual retreat in Philadelphia. The purpose was to discuss policy initiatives for the coming months and, most of all, to come up with a message for midterm elections that Democrats are widely expected to lose.

People in most parts of the United States set their clocks ahead one hour on Sunday so that darkness falls later in the day, a seasonal shift that is enforced by the federal government.

Freedom is tested once again

Albert Einstein, who knew something about how the world works, believed that freedom "is only possible by constantly struggling for it."

Welcoming the Ukrainian refugees

Avram Rogowsky grew up in Bialystok, then a part of the Russian Empire and now in Poland, near its eastern border with Belarus. In 1914, he escaped from the czar's army, boarded a ship for Palestine and planned to send for his betrothed, Miriam Wasilsky. When Avram finally reached the Holy Land, however, he found a deeply unsettled political landscape, unfit for a new bride. So he sent Miriam a message: Change of plans, meet me in Brooklyn. Two years later, they had a son named Wilfred. He was my father.