Best friend doesn’t visit hospital after car accident

DEAR HARRIETTE: I was involved in a terrible car wreck early on the morning of New Year's Day. Almost all of my loved ones and close friends either visited me in the hospital or sent flowers. I was really hurt when my best friend didn't visit me in the hospital after my accident. It was like they completely ignored what had happened, which is so unlike them. I thought that out of all people, they would be there for me and show their support. But it seems like I was wrong, and now I'm feeling betrayed and alone. It's been difficult to get over this disappointment and figure out why it happened in the first place. Is there any advice you can give on how to make sense of the situation? — Car Wreck DEAR CAR WRECK: Some people freeze in the face of tragedy and do not know how to move forward. There is a chance that this is true for your best friend. It doesn't excuse them, but it could be an explanation. After you are feeling better, if you still have not heard from your best friend, reach out. Ask them what they have been doing so you can learn what's going on in their life. Tell them briefly about your accident and ask if they knew about it. Then ask why they didn't come to see you or contact you. Describe how frightening the experience was and how sad you where that they weren't there to support you. Listen calmly to discover what happened.

Examining the price of pride

Kevin McCarthy finally claimed the House speakership after 15 embarrassing ballots, but it was a hollow and hazardous victory. By caving to the demands of his own party’s hardliners, he obtained the title, but diminished its value. He’s turned himself, and his office, over to the hostage-takers, and he’s put the country’s fiscal future at risk.

As a religion professor, I've come to know many students from other countries who identify as Christians. I realized they were puzzled at some of the things Americans often bundled into their faith – things these international Christians didn't consider relevant to their own religious identity.

Pope Benedict lived his life with Europe in the rearview

In a rite before the funeral of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, Vatican officials placed unique symbols of his pontificate inside his cypress casket, along with a scroll in Latin describing his ascent to the chair of St. Peter.

In 1784, the United States ratified the Treaty of Paris that ended the Revolutionary War.

Rare autoimmune disorder targets skin in aging populations, causing damages

Dear Doctors: I am 75 years old, and two years ago, I was diagnosed with bullous pemphigoid. I understand this is an autoimmune problem. I also understand that this is more common in older people. I would like to know more about it. I have been prescribed minocycline, which has been helping.

Woman wants new beau to drop her at her door

DEAR HARRIETTE: I have been going out with a nice guy for a few weeks now. I live in Manhattan, and he lives in Queens. On several occasions, we have hung out late. The way I was taught, the man is supposed to make sure that the woman gets home safely.