Varied diets help with complete proteins

Dear Doctors: What does it mean when something is a 'complete protein'? A friend said that when I count beans or grains as a protein, it's not the same nutritional value as meat or cheese. Are there really different kinds of protein? Is he right that it matters which kind of protein you eat?

Bystander scandalized by woman nursing in public

DEAR HARRIETTE: I went to homecoming at my alma mater last weekend, and it was fantastic. There were so many people there. People of all ages and backgrounds had gathered to have a good time at the school they love so much.

What the midterm elections mean

If, as expected, Republicans win back one or both houses of Congress in the midterm elections, the most significant impact could well be summed up in two words: judges and subpoenas.

Guests turn gathering into sales opportunity

DEAR HARRIETTE: I went to a party recently, and toward the end of the evening, I noticed several people become overtly opportunistic. This one guy, whom I had never even seen before, started asking a million questions, and before I could even answer them, he was pushing me to hire him to leverage my business. His claim was about how great he was and that I needed him in order to be successful. Then he pulled a 'Shark Tank' move, saying that if I didn't accept his proposal to hire him on the spot, he was out of there. I didn't bite.

Midterms, Biden’s agenda, filibuster

On March 2, 2021, when he had been president less than two months, Joe Biden met with a group of liberal historians in the White House East Room.

Eating meals earlier in the day may curb some cravings

Dear Doctors: I heard on the news about a study that says you won't get as hungry if you eat all of your meals earlier in the day. Does that have to do with the way the body clock works? It seems like circadian rhythms affect everything we do. Can you talk about that, and about this study?