An argument for the least worst option

To hear pundits tell it, the 2024 presidential contest is shaping up like an Alabama vs. Texas football game. That is, one in which most people wish both teams could lose. Right now, people tell pollsters they dislike both putative nominees — Donald Trump and Joe Biden — in equal numbers.


The scent of your soap actually can help to naturally repel mosquitoes. In a recently published study in iScience, researchers looked at different soap scents to see which one was least attractive to mosquitoes, and they found that the pests' least favorite scent is coconut. While the research is new, the study suggests that the combination of coconut with an individual's own scent creates a natural mosquito repellant combination. Give it a try: Look for bars of soap made with coconut if you want to help ward off mosquitoes naturally this summer.

Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers

There’s a reason the government can’t stop this column from being published. Actually, there’s a person who is responsible for the government being unable to stop this column from being published.

Unemployed friend criticizes remote job duties

DEAR HARRIETTE: I have a friend who came to stay with me at my home during the workweek. I work remotely. While she was here, she made a lot of random and annoying remarks about my job. She repeatedly pointed out how many meetings I attend and expressed how she would never have a job that requires attending as many meetings as mine does. What makes this situation worse is that she is currently unemployed and has never had a remote job before. I ended up snapping at her and pointing out the fact that she doesn't even have a job, so she doesn't have the footing to criticize someone else's.

Trump’s message is false, yet familiar

Donald Trump declared at a recent campaign rally, “This is the final battle, either the Communists win and destroy America, or we destroy the Communists.”

Busy student wants to make time for friends

DEAR HARRIETTE: I am taking summer classes and working this summer to advance my studies and make some money. While I am proud of myself for using my time in ways that will benefit me in the future, I feel a bit left out from my friends.