The City of Clinton is in the process of finalizing its new budget that will go into effect July 1. Like every city budget it will have items that we wish had larger allocations and others that leave us wondering why so much money is needed.

Things change when Biden barges in

There's something remarkable about the gun debate that has arisen in the aftermath of the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. Compared to years past, the argument on Capitol Hill is somewhat muted. Yes, members of the House of Representatives are yelling at each other, but that's nothing unusual. But in the Senate, where the real work on a gun deal is going on, the talk is quiet and the anticipation low. At least, until President Joe Biden jumped into it.

New client disparages hairdresser’s prices

DEAR HARRIETTE: I am a self-employed hairdresser. A little while ago, I gave an acquaintance a new-client discount because I am good friends with the girl who referred me to her. Not long after, she complained to our mutual friend that I overcharged her for my services. What I charge is very reasonable considering what other hairdressers in the area charge, plus I gave her a 25% discount even though I hardly know her. She tried to book with me again recently, and I declined because she slandered my business. Was it unprofessional of me to turn her away? – Entitled Client


•For most gas-powered automobiles, there's no need to use premium gasoline – unless the automaker's user guide requires it. When your car requires premium gas, the added expense means it's even more important to avoid aggressive driving and speeding. Not only does this type of driving significantly reduce fuel efficiency, it's also been proven that those who drive their cars in this way really don't get to their destinations any faster.

One go-to argument some Second Amendment proponents cite against stronger gun safety laws is how our nation trusts 18-yearolds in the military to handle weapons of war.

Trump remains top political figure

Hardly anyone remarked on what Donald J. Trump had to say in Wyoming at a rally for Harriet Hageman, his choice in the state's primary for its lone House seat.

Lifestyle choices can help prevent fatty liver disease

Dear Doctors: My father passed away due to unexplained liver problems that we only now know was fatty liver disease. It's 20 years later, and a CT scan shows some fat in my own liver. My liver readings are normal, but I'm the same age as my father was when his issues began. Should I be concerned?

Daughter loses motivation at end of senior year

DEAR HARRIETTE: My child has duped me, and it doesn't feel good. She has always been an excellent student – up until this semester. One class in particular has been tough for her, and her grades reflect her struggle. I have asked her about it repeatedly, including trying to find out if we should get a tutor to help her do better. She has shrugged off all of my suggestions, but the grade has stayed the same. She says she hates her teacher.

Sándwiches muy calientes

I have been trying, for as long as I can remember and with limited success, to learn Spanish.