Sisters of Life show us the way to love as God loves

ORLANDO — 'We are pro-woman and we are pro-baby. And we must take care of both of them.' Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York paid tribute to Mother Mary Agnes Donovan and the Sisters of Life while not so subtly reminding those in the audience that the prolife movement requires love above all. His remarks were part of an introductory video for an award given by the Knights of Columbus to the group of religious women that works to support women in need.

Wronged friend uncertain about reconciliation

DEAR HARRIETTE: A few years ago, I was deeply hurt by my childhood friend. During that time, I confided in my loved ones about my decision to end my friendship with this person, explaining the details of the situation and vowing to end the friendship once and for all. Everyone close to me was proud that I'd decided to cut this person out of my life.

Can’t Americans see politics in indictments?

It is sometimes said that the prosecutions of former President Donald Trump are 'backfiring' on Democrats. That is, instead of lowering Trump's political support, they are raising it.

Trump-Biden rematch? Odds are against

Maybe it's my advanced age talking, but I doubt very much that the conventional wisdom regarding the 2024 presidential election will play out as expected: that is, as a Biden-Trump rematch with the Democratic incumbent winning another relatively close reelection bid.

Grieving friend wants to help without intruding

DEAR HARRIETTE: I am part of a tight-knit group of friends who got closer during the pandemic. I'm not as close to them as some, but I am part of the group. We have been hanging out a lot this summer, and it has been great.

Age takes center stage

When Mitch McConnell, the Senate's 81-year-old Republican leader, recently froze up during a news conference, he triggered tremors of trepidation in both parties. If something like that were to afflict 80-year-old Joe Biden or 77-year-old Donald Trump, the whole trajectory of the campaign could be altered in an instant.