Reynaud’s phenomenon causes arteries to contract

Dear Doctors: While stationed in Alaska more than 35 years ago, I experienced the tips of my fingers turning white in the cold weather. A doctor said it probably Raynaud's syndrome. Does this condition slow down healing? I ask because a deep scratch on my shin still hasn't healed after four weeks.

Diversity coach sees dip in demand in her profession

DEAR HARRIETTE: I've been a diversity, equity and inclusion coach for about six years now, and it's been a great experience — I love working with professionals of all ages and helping them learn, grow and educate themselves. In 2020 I realized the demand for DE&I coaches was much higher than it had been before.

Clock has run down for Texas coach

In my experience, it's a rare man who wakes up at age 49 and starts beating up women. Chances are, then, that this wasn't University of Texas basketball coach Chris Beard's first rodeo. It's just that nobody's ever called the cops before.


One thing you can do to reduce waste is bring your own reusable bags into the store. In the past, retailers often discouraged customers from bringing in their own bags due to the potential for theft. But times have changed, and almost every retailer now accepts and even encourages the use of reusable bags. Not only are they a convenient way for you to consolidate items and carry them throughout the store with ease, but you'll also help cut back on waste.

Comedian’s stand-up material disappoints friend

DEAR HARRIETTE: My friend recently started doing stand-up comedy. He is usually hilarious, but I found his on-stage act more offensive and played-out than funny. We are both Indian, and the jokes he made were centered around poking fun at our culture. My friend and I have spoken in the past about how annoying it is when comedians mock their parents' accents and make tacky jokes about being children of immigrants. The audience was probably 90% white, and they all found the jokes hysterical, but I feel like my friend was selling out.

In 1832, John C. Calhoun became the first U.S. vice president to resign his office.

U. S. Grant receives overdue promotion

Lost in the pre-holiday rush to send unprecedented criminal referrals of a former president to the Justice Department, overshadowed by the effort during a global conference in Montreal to make progress on climate change, eclipsed by the late-season struggle to determine football playoff spots, and missed in the end-of-session sprint to complete congressional business was an important marker in the culture wars on religion and race in America. Ulysses S. Grant is getting a battlefield promotion.

Holiday spending nixes January vacation plans

DEAR HARRIETTE: My boyfriend invited me to go on a trip with him next month. I spent most of my extra money on holiday gifts and travel. I cannot afford to spend extra money on a trip before I recoup some of my expenditures from Christmas. How do I tell him this without making him think I'm asking him to pay my way or making myself look poor? I'm not poor. I just wasn't planning on traveling for a while. — Taking a Trip DEAR TAKING A TRIP: Talk to your boyfriend about this. Tell him how you planned out your end of year and that you do not have any extra money to take another trip in the first quarter of 2023. Make it clear that you would love to travel with him. Ask him if you can delay the trip until you are financially ready. If he says he is happy to pay for it, make it clear that you do not have any disposable dollars to add to the vacation. Tell him you would feel more comfortable if you could contribute to the excursion. If he insists, reinforce the point that he will have to foot the entire bill.