Be fierce but fair is good advice

Donald Trump’s third try for the White House will pose “a major professional dilemma for American journalism,” writes Marvin Kalb, whose political reporting earned him a cherished place on Richard Nixon’s enemies list.

Wealth need not hamper friendship

DEAR HARRIETTE: I have been spending time with some new friends who are kind and generous. Whenever we go out, they pay for meals, which is nice because we are not rich and they are. They never make us feel any kind of way about it, either. What we do to show our appreciation is different. We will cook delicious meals and specialty dishes to share with them.

During the past few months the number of people roaming the streets, and sleeping on sidewalks and in our parks appears to have grown substantially here. Sadly, our neighboring communities are dealing with the same problem.

Friend doesn’t always include roommate

DEAR HARRIETTE: My best friend and I ended up becoming roommates earlier this year. I was worried about living with her because I did not want to put a strain on our friendship by adding the roommate dynamic, but we haven't had many issues at all.

Artificial light disrupts circadian rhythms

Dear Doctors: I need it to be completely dark to sleep well. I've got blackout curtains, I use an analog clock and I even duct-taped the digital lights on the smoke alarm. I just read that light at night is bad for your health. Is that true? I want my husband to know I'm not overreacting about this.

Dear Editor, I was put in the hospital here in Clinton on Aug. 10, 2022, and discharged on Aug. 18, 2022.

Turkey tail mushrooms act as immune modulators

Dear Doctors: I'm a 73-year-old Vietnam War veteran who was exposed to Agent Orange. Last December, I was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer. I had immunotherapy and also used turkey tail mushroom extract. All except one of the tumors shrank. Do you think the mushrooms helped?