Scholarly reader wants to find love

DEAR HARRIETTE: I have never been in a relationship. I am almost 20, and I have never experienced romance. Many of my friends have already had boyfriends or girlfriends, gotten involved in summer flings or even found their life partners. I, on the other hand, have dated various books, ranging from F. Scott Fitzgerald to Mark Twain. I care more about my education than anything else, so I’ve never had time to be in a proper relationship.

Happily unmarried couple reaches impasse over kids

DEAR ABBY: My boyfriend and I have been dating for more than a decade. We’re nearly 30 now. We are happy not being married, and we both agreed early in our relationship that we would not have kids.

5-Year-old’s fondness for lead paint requires intervention

Dear Doctor: My 5-year-old grandson craves lead paint and has used his toothbrush to get at old layers of lead paint in his family’s renovated 1880s home. His development has slowed, and people think he’s autistic. If it’s the lead, what can we do?

Husband always backs out of date nights

DEAR HARRIETTE: Every time I get tickets for a special event and invite my husband to go with me, he reneges on the day of. Like clockwork, he finds some excuse for not being able to join me. I get these great, free tickets through my work. They are often for special cultural experiences, and the ticket price is high. I find myself scrambling to get someone to go with me. I know I should probably give up, but I want him to go out with me on fun dates. We have been married for a long time, and he seems satisfied with going out to dinner once a year for our anniversary. How can I get him to want to go? — Date Night

Dog waste can be a problem in communities if it isn’t properly disposed of; it can pollute waterways and raise the harmful bacteria level in public water. A good rule of thumb is this: Don’t just leave dog waste in the yard or in the woods and let nature take its course.

If the last school bond election had only required a simple majority of the votes cast it would have passed. But the law says it had to receive 60 percent of the votes to be approved – and it fell well short of that.

Where were they during the past three years?

Attorney General William Barr is looking into the murky origins of the politically charged Justice Department investigations that have roiled American public life for the last three years.

California is a whole different bird

In Iowa, they pause for coffee at the Kum & Go convenience stores in crossroads scattered around the state. In New Hampshire, they engage voters in school gymnasiums and on town street corners. In California they appear on television.