Confidence in election system recovers

Consumer confidence in the economy is down 5% over the past month. That is worrisome and it is significant. But another measure of consumer confidence is measurably up since then – and it is welcome as well as significant.

RA patients can have higher risk of mild cognitive impairment

Dear Doctors: My husband has been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. One of his doctors says that when someone has RA, there's a higher risk of cognitive impairment. He also said that some of the newer medications can keep that from happening. I would like to know more about that.

Employee can’t tolerate co-worker’s B.O.

DEAR HARRIETTE: I have a co-worker who has serious B.O. I know he showers and takes care of himself, even though he doesn't smell like it. We were on a business trip recently and had to stay in the same house. I witnessed him take long showers each day, and still he reeked of his awful musky scent after a few hours. I find it close to intolerable to work with him. His body odor makes me want to throw up. How do you even address something like that? I can't accuse him of not bathing because he does. I guess it must be something he eats or just who he is, but the stench is making me crazy. What can I do? — Ready To Puke DEAR READY TO PUKE: This is a tough one. Our bodies do have their own individual smells, depending on so many factors, chief among them being what we put into them. Your friend's strong scent likely is related to what he consumes.

A compromise and a blessing

What’s more important? A political issue or a practical achievement? All too often in today’s Washington, representatives reach for rhetoric that scores a point or wins the Twitter battle but does little to actually improve peoples’ lives. This week, however, pragmatism triumphed over partisanship. President Biden signed the Respect for Marriage Act, a reasonable solution to a real problem that commanded major support from Republican lawmakers – 12 in the Senate and 39 in the House.