• Clinton Public Library sponsors Storytime each Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. until 10:30 a.m. at the library for 4- and 5-year-old children. Pictured after Storytime were Sara Shepherd, daughter of Dr. Jon and Janelle Shepherd; Librarian/storyteller Nancy Sawyer; Randi Carpenter, daughter of Randy and Penny Carpenter; Kenny Lee, son of Mike and Patty Lee; Javen Henson, daughter of Steve and Janna Henson; Levon Lumpkin, son of Mark and Melisa Lumpkin; and Kaden Stratton, son of Jay and Kelli Stratton. Several books are read at each session where Ms. Sawyer encourages lots of involvement from the children.

Woman’s personality overshadows friend

DEAR HARRIETTE: I sometimes feel like I’m a background character in my friend’s life. She is outgoing, and I am reserved. It seems that people naturally gravitate toward her energy, leaving me feeling like I’m playing a secondary role or even becoming an invisible character in the scene.

Judge Engoron’s retribution for Trump

Donald Trump has just a few weeks to find a way to pay, or guarantee that he will pay, the $355 million fine that a New York judge imposed on him in the lawsuit brought by the state’s Democratic Attorney General Letitia James. The suit was the culmination of James’ campaign to bring financial ruin on the former president, and it might succeed; unless it is reduced on appeal, the actual amount Trump will owe, including interest, could top $450 million.

Sister doesn’t happen to like brother’s fiancee

DEAR HARRIETTE: My 32-year-old brother is finally getting married, but I don’t like his bride. I know that his life isn’t mine, so I should mind my business. However, I care about my brother and don’t want to see his life get messed up because of his bride-to-be.

There’s nothing ‘normal’ about 2024

Does anybody really believe the United States is going to have a 'normal' presidential election in 2024, with Joe Biden and Donald Trump as the nominees and a peaceful resolution? Or will chaos and disorder take the nation to the brink, as MAGA supporters appear to wish?

Working parent overwhelmed by responsibilities

DEAR HARRIETTE: Juggling work commitments and the responsibilities of caring for a child can be an immense challenge. On one hand, I have professional obligations that require my time, energy and focus. On the other hand, I have the critical role of nurturing and providing for my child, which demands attention and care. Finding a way to successfully navigate both realms can often feel like an impossible task. It has been a demanding and overwhelming experience, and I am uncertain about how to continue. Can you please offer some insights on how I can manage these responsibilities effectively? — Out of Balance DEAR OUT OF BALANCE: Take a deep breath. Accept the fact that this is hard for every parent, and most figure out a way forward. Being organized with your time will help tremendously. Keep a calendar that includes your work duties and your child care responsibilities. Write down everything that you can so that you are aware of what has to be done. Check off all completed tasks the moment you finish them. Enlist support whenever possible. That doesn't mean giving up responsibilities. It means do your very best all the time and be of help to others. Then when you need help, others will want to support you.

No place for Haley in Trump’s party

Jerry Brown and Gary Hart did it. So did Ted Kennedy and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Also Henry Jackson and Jesse Jackson. Nelson Rockefeller did it and — going way, way back — so did Oscar Underwood. There's also Lyndon Johnson and Ronald Reagan, the only ones who eventually became president, though not the first time they tried it.