The importance of newspapers

Newspaper reporting and content have never been more relevant. We all have stories of readers desperately seeking reliable information about COVID-19 during the pandemic and turning to us to deliver accurate national and state health departments’ evolving assessments as well as local reporting on treatment options in our communities.

Historical analogies work – until they don’t

If history is any guide, Democrats do not have a chance – not even a small chance – of keeping control of the House in the midterm elections. But the question is: Is history any guide?

Boyfriend’s proposal steals graduation spotlight

DEAR HARRIETTE: My boyfriend of three years proposed to me at my graduation party. It was a complete surprise. While I'm thrilled that we're now engaged, I'm a little upset that he proposed during a day that was special to me for my own reasons. I wish he had planned something completely separate that would not have taken away from my moment at all. The day went from being all about me and my hard work to being about us as a couple. It pretty much turned into our engagement party.

New COVID-19 booster helps protect from variant

Dear Doctors: The new COVID-19 boosters are here, and I'm not sure if, or when, I need to get one. I had the twoshot Moderna series last winter. I had a mild case of COVID-19 this summer. When I got better, I got the booster. Do I still need to get another one? Am I the only one who is confused?

Amid the usual school supply shopping, classroom decorating and meet the teacher nights, this year’s return to school has been marked by uncertainty and anxiety. Scores of unfilled jobs and more than threequarters of teachers seriously considering quitting have undercut the usual excitement after more than two tough years since the start of the pandemic.


Did you know that just because packaging or a container has the three-arrow recyclable symbol on it doesn't necessarily mean it's actually recyclable? Depending on what your trash hauler's recycling program accepts, many items -- particularly different grades of plastic -- are not accepted. Check your waste hauler's website to find out exactly what they accept, and put only those items in your curbside recycling. Mixing in items that are not accepted can contaminate a load of recyclables and send it straight to the landfill instead.