Age takes center stage

When Mitch McConnell, the Senate's 81-year-old Republican leader, recently froze up during a news conference, he triggered tremors of trepidation in both parties. If something like that were to afflict 80-year-old Joe Biden or 77-year-old Donald Trump, the whole trajectory of the campaign could be altered in an instant.

Online following could become opportunity

DEAR HARRIETTE: Because I've garnered a large following on social media, I get a lot of people asking me how to grow their own online following. While I appreciate the support, I have to admit that I don't really know how to help them. My own following just kind of happened by chance, and I don't have the expertise to make it happen for others.

Today is the 217th day of 2023 and the 46th day of summer.

Concerning that 'Barbie' sermon about being a woman

Hollywood worships big movie franchises, so fans can expect 'Barbie' sequels. One plot proposal quickly emerged from an unlikely source — Sister Mary Joseph Calore of the Society Devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in St. Cresson, Pennsylvania.


• Operation Facelift, a program designed to help put a new coat of paint on abandoned storefronts in Clinton, got a big financial lift as a $232 check was presented by Little Caeser’s to the program as part of the new restaurant’s grand opening festivities. Store representatives Albert Delgado, Shawn Dawson and A.T. Snow were shown presenting the check to Facelift volunteers Daryl Jones, Pat Peters and Juanita Thomas.

Radon gas in homes can lead to lung cancer

Dear Doctors: Would you please address radon gas? I've spent 40 years in real estate sales here in Florida, and while radon is noted in inspections, most buyers don't realize it's dangerous. Any information about the health risks, and how to protect yourself, could help a lot of people.

Colleagues use microaggressions against woman

DEAR HARRIETTE: I am concerned about how my co-worker is being treated by our colleagues. She is a new hire and is constantly being labeled as 'sassy' and 'aggressive' behind her back. The thing is, I have never witnessed this behavior from her. She seems nice enough — and far from aggressive.