Sessions defends himself, but stays loyal to Trump

It hasn't been in the news much, but former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, now in a tight Republican primary to win back his old Alabama Senate seat, has been talking a lot about his time in the Justice Department and the issue that made him a persona non grata in Trumpworld: his March 2017 decision to recuse himself from supervising the Trump-Russia investigation.

Dr. Eve Glazier

Dear Doctor: A close relative had extensive radiation therapy for an early breast cancer. The treatment was effective, but it damaged the surrounding tissues, including her aortic valve. What are the potential side effects of radiation therapy?

Harriette Cole

DEAR HARRIETTE: I am friends with a few social media influencers. They are my real friends, but random people I know will call me to try to get in touch with them. They want a hookup for a public appearance or an album or whatever. I do not feel comfortable connecting people like that, for the most part. When it makes sense, I will introduce people, but I’m tired of always being asked. How can I put my foot down on this? These are my genuine friends. I don’t want them to think that I am “pimping” them off to my contacts. — Drawing the Line

Atrial fibrillation diagnosis requires cardiologist’s care

Dear Doctor: Our mom is 66 years old and has always been healthy. She was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation during her last physical. She says she feels fine, so she hasn’t followed up with her doctor. What can happen if she doesn’t get treatment?

We are strong believers that the best way to predict the future is to look at the past. Based on statistics, we shouldn’t have been surprised that City Manager Mark Skiles and the Clinton City Council agreed to part ways.

OSU Extension offers great gardening resources

As Oklahoma residents continue to follow social distancing guidelines, some people are turning to gardening to help pass the time. Although the state has many seasoned gardeners, others are picking up seeds and potting soil for the first time and are getting a little dirt under their nails.