Economy: It’s hard not to be worried

President Biden likes to blame inflation on the COVID pandemic and the war in Ukraine – or, as he says, "Putin's price hike." But the fact is, Biden's own actions, and those of his party, have also contributed significantly to the rise in the cost of living that is making it harder and harder for many Americans to make ends meet. And that rise, in turn, is feeding a terrible pessimism among Americans about the state of the country.

Tariffs are a double-edged sword in trade between countries. When one country imposes tariffs on the other for protectionist purposes, there has seldom, if ever, been a net winner, or net loser.

New Booster guidelines for adults over 50

Hello again, dear readers, and welcome back to the monthly letters column. Virusrelated mail, which once required a column of its own, has slowed down. That means we can once again fold those questions in with the general letters. Speaking of which ...

Reader doesn’t want to talk about break-up

DEAR HARRIETTE: Not long ago, I ended things with a person I had been in a relationship with for five years. Without a doubt the hardest part of the breakup has been having to re-explain it to all those who knew us as a couple. I am wishing that everybody would mind their business and just assume that I don't want to discuss the details any longer. It is hard reliving something that was so painful for me. My relationship was very public and I understand the curiosity, but I don't want to keep talking about it. How do I handle the questions about my breakup? -- Tired of Explaining DEAR TIRED OF EXPLAINING:

The 428,000 net new jobs last month in the Labor Department’s Friday report is mildly encouraging since every major industry added workers. But the report also contains a warning that inflationary pressure may be starting to hurt the labor market.

Last week a man asked why we were running stories in the paper that people in western Oklahoma “darn sure don’t agree with.”

Hunter Biden’s $2 million ‘sugar brother

One of the mysteries of the Hunter Biden matter is how the president's son, with no obvious sources of income, manages to maintain a grand lifestyle. For the last year or so, he has been living in a $20,000-a-month rental house in Malibu, Calif. (The taxpayers are footing the bill for the Secret Service to pay even more, $30,000 a month, to rent the house next door while

What makes dog breeds special?

So here are my qualifications for critiquing a study of canine behavior. Some years ago, my wife and I kept eight beagles in our backyard. Too many, she decided. Something needed to be done.