Night owl needs more balanced sleeping schedule

DEAR HARRIETTE: I am a serious night owl. I work long hours and need time to unwind. I don't do all that much at night, but I don't go to sleep. I watch movies sometimes, or binge watch stupid TV shows. I read sometimes. I don't really know how the time passes. All I know is that I rarely get to bed before 1 a.m., and I have to get up by 7:30 no matter what. Usually, I don't feel tired, but my mom keeps reminding me that I am supposed to get at least eight hours of sleep.

Simply fifty plus one equals a lot

What does 50 plus one equal? A lot more than 51. The clear victory by Sen. Raphael Warnock in Georgia’s runoff election – which gives Democrats 51 seats in the Senate that convenes in January – has enormous practical, political and psychological implications. For starters, it makes life a whole lot easier for President Joe Biden and his Senate allies, especially in their efforts to place more progressives in federal judgeships.

Self-employer is struggling to find new business

DEAR HARRIETTE: I work for myself, and the past couple of years have been very good. Oddly, the pandemic was profitable for my business. But now things are changing. As is always true, the end of year is my time for renegotiating contracts, and it feels like deja vu from a few years ago. Even though the quality of my work has been stellar and I have gotten only great reviews, the renewals are not flowing in. So far, one company did not renew and another big project narrowed the scope of work, which means less money. I have been looking for new projects for months now, but nothing has clicked. I'm getting nervous. I had two years of not worrying about money, but now that's over. How can I stay positive when things are not looking so good? — Facing the Future DEAR FACING THE FUTURE:

Antiviral medications safe to use for influenza

Dear Doctors: I thought I had a bad summer cold, but it turned out to be the flu. I didn't know that can happen in the summer. Urgent care offered me an antiviral medication, but since I'm not familiar with them, I said no. I would like to know more about antiviral treatment for the flu.

Part-time employee being asked to do too much

DEAR HARRIETTE: I only work parttime for a small business that is run by two people. I work remotely. I used to work full-time, but part-time made more sense for me and my schedule. Sometimes I think my bosses forget that I work part-time, based on the amount of work they give me on a daily basis.

In 1817, Mississippi was admitted as the 20th U.S. state.