Today’s Clinton Daily News honors and puts the spotlight on our older readers. And with good reason. Discrimination in any form is simply heinous, but when people look down upon or worse, try to take advantage of the elderly, then that gets our ire up really quick.

D.C. feels sting of Biden border policy

Recently, this column focused on the Biden administration’s practice of allowing illegal border crossers to stay in the United States. Documents made public as a result of a lawsuit over border policy revealed just how many illegal crossers the administration has admitted into the country.

The first images from NASA's James Webb telescope offer wondrous glimpses into stars and planets billions of light years away: in what is truly a space opera, the telescope shows them being born and dying, and cosmic material being sucked into black holes.

Lime rickeys at the local drug store

The view from Maine is summertime lovely, the sunshine shimmery, the sky the sort of nautical blue you never see even a quarter-mile from the shore. A solitary sailboat, bouncing on flukey breezes, creases the ocean. It is July, the month of our national holiday, and much of the nation is on holiday.

Observational studies shed light on diet soda consumption

Dear Doctors: There is some folklore that diet pop is bad for you. I gave up sugar and most carbohydrates to help with weight and A1C control, but I continued to drink diet cola. What do the actual studies – ones that are not from biased sources and are peer-reviewed – say about diet cola?

Adult daughter showed up drunk to dinner

DEAR HARRIETTE: My 25-year-old daughter showed up visibly drunk to our family dinner. I know that she is a grown adult, but we were at dinner with her conservative grandparents who don't condone alcohol consumption at all. She was loud and a bit sloppy, and I didn't appreciate it. Out of respect for the elders in her family, I think she should have at least tried to appear sober. Is it wrong to say something to her about her behavior, since she is now an adult? – Drunk at Dinner

Take the blinders off

Stephen Ayres was drawn to Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6, 2021, by Donald Trump's outrageously false claims that the presidential election had been stolen.

I had a big birthday, and it got me to thinking, as big birthdays will, about what would change and what would stay the same in the decade to come. I found my list of self-improvement chores much shorter than in previous years.

Adult kids have no interest in relationship with mom

DEAR HARRIETTE: I feel like my kids as adults are losing respect for me. When your kids are young, they look up to you for everything and trust in you. My kids are all college age and older. They are leaving the nest and not looking back. They throw their bad memories as kids at me, saying that I was manipulative and a liar. But parents, we know what it's like when kids throw tantrums or when they get into trouble as teenagers and they just won't listen. I did what I needed to raise smart, strong kids, and I feel like I succeeded. All I want now is to enjoy a mature adult relationship with my kids, but they want nothing to do with me. I just feel like I gave my life to them, and now I am hated and alone. Was I a bad mother? – Miss My Kids

Between the Riverside Rumble Couples Golf Tournament and the OK Kids Coach Pitch State Baseball Tournament last weekend, things were hopping in Clinton!