Hair stylist is amazing but has bad body odor

DEAR HARRIETTE: I have been going to the same hair stylist for over a year. She does amazing work on my hair, and I have no interest in finding a new stylist anytime soon. However, every time I am around her, I cannot help but notice her bad body odor. It has become so bad that I find myself holding my breath at certain points during the session. She had to be on set with me for a photoshoot recently, and I know the other people in the room could smell her. I don't want to hurt her feelings or embarrass her, but at the same time, I cannot ignore this any longer. What should I do? — Sensitive to Smells DEAR SENSITIVE TO SMELLS: While it will feel awkward in the moment, telling your friend about her body odor is actually a gift to her. There's no way that you are the first person who has noticed her odor. If she is unable to check it, she may at best lose clients and at worst lose her job. When you do hair, you stand in close proximity to others all day long. Personal hygiene is paramount, especially in roles that bring people into each other's intimate space.

Republican field starts to narrow

No longer can we say the 2024 presidential election is in the obscure far-off future. The Iowa caucuses are exactly three months away — and the first real phase of the contest is taking shape.

Damaging democratic decision?

Will House Democrats come to regret their decision to join a cabal of hard-right Republicans in driving Speaker Kevin McCarthy from power? The answer is likely yes.

We were shocked and disappointed when it was announced this week the M.T. and Helen Gholston Children’s Park at Acme Brick Park would likely be wiped away to bare ground.


Even in major cities full of giant skyscrapers, wild animals live among us in green spaces like parks, and they need our help.

Social media user asks why friends disappear

DEAR HARRIETTE: I deleted all of my social media accounts a month ago. I thought that I would get a lot of text messages from my friends asking what was going on or why I deleted everything. To my surprise, only a few of my close friends seemed to have noticed, and nobody else reached out to me at all.

Importance of higher education

Irecently was honored as one of 13 lawmakers recognized by the State Regents for Higher Education and Council of College and University Presidents for our dedication and service to the state’s higher education system during this year’s legislative sessions.

Friend tries to be sensitive about woman’s loss

DEAR HARRIETTE: One of my best friends lost both of her parents this year, within six months of each other. They were well into their 90s, but still, the loss has been devastating for her. I am doing my best to comfort her, but sometimes I am at a loss. I still have my mother, who is in her mid-90s. I feel awkward talking about her now. I don't want to rub it in that my mother is alive and hers isn't, yet I am accustomed to talking about my mother all the time. How do I handle this delicate situation? I never know what to say anymore. — Life and Death DEAR LIFE AND DEATH: