Fortunate to have 3 great moms

Tomorrow is a great day, I’m calling it right now. It’s a day where I get to honor three great moms in my life. One is gone and two remain, but they all have helped me become who I am today.


• The Thunder, an under-8 soccer team had gone undefeated in both the fall and spring seasons. Shown were team members Justin Clonce, Sherman Brown, Tommy Trout, Jonathan Nunley, Matt Cravens, Lucas Martinez, Garrett Daubenspeck, coach Angel Martinez, Isaac Fuentes, Chris Masters and Shane LaFever.

Insanity at heart of Trump trial

Perhaps the weirdest, and by far the most unjust, thing about former President Donald Trump’s trial in New York is that we do not know precisely what crime Trump is charged with committing. We’re in the middle of the trial, with Trump facing a maximum of more than 100 years in prison, and we don’t even know what the charges are! It’s a surreal situation.

Kristi Noem’s sad tail ... er, tale

robably by the time this column appears in print, Donald Trump will have made some sort of tone-deaf remark about his would-be running mate’s bizarre story about executing the family dog with a shotgun. As near as I can tell, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem’s qualifications for the job began and ended with her being eager to parrot MAGA catchphrases anyway. So, it’s no big loss.

Biblical truth for Trump, DeSantis?

The lion has lain down with the lamb. The lion, of course, is the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, a former president himself, now confined during weekdays to sitting as quietly as he can tolerate, plainly bored except when sworn witnesses assail his character, portray him as a serial adulterer and say that he is part of a criminal conspiracy.

Another toddler-in-chief coming up?

President Joe Biden cracked, “The 2024 election is in full swing and yes, age is an issue,” at the White House correspondents’ dinner. “I’m a grown man running against a 6-year-old.”