It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Whether you are buying gifts for other people or treating yourself with seasonal deals, the holiday season usually means a spike in packages delivered to your place of residence.

When you completed last year’s small business tax return, did you run into surprises? Deductions you could no longer take? Changes in the tax code that left you regretting choices you made last year?

Reader respects mother-in-law’s religion

DEAR HARRIETTE: My mother-in-law is Jehovah’s Witness. She explained to me that this means she doesn’t celebrate any holidays. Her husband is a more mainstream Christian, so he does celebrate.

Harriette urges readers to choose joy

DEAR READERS: Merry Christmas! On this day and throughout this week, we historically choose to celebrate. While this is a Christian holiday, it has become a marker for the time

Not all tremors point to parkinson’s disease

Dear Doctor: My wife does calligraphy, but she’s having trouble because her hands have started shaking. She’s worried it’s Parkinson’s disease. What else could be the cause? Dear Reader: Uncontrolled