Anger, fear fuel conspiracy theories

This just in: There's no wizard behind the curtain, and nobody's actually in charge. There's no shadowy cabal of billionaires scheming to bring about one-world government. To begin with, nobody clever enough to accumulate that much money believes that such a thing is A) remotely possible, or B) even desirable.

Leadership elections

After each WOCS candidate presented a leadership speech, the student body casted their votes and the Student Council officers are from left, Vice President August Dobrinski, Secretary Makarah Foster, and President Esme Jones.

Today is the 281st day of 2020 and the 16th day of autumn.

People have been bombarded with information about the two mainstream presidential candidates. But once you get past Donald Trump and Joe Biden, little is known about the other four candidates that will appear on the Nov. 3 ballot.

Long Zoom chat with an old friend

Yesterday, I had a nice long Zoom chat with an old friend. I know this is nothing remarkable these days, but it was the first time my friend Andrew had used Zoom.

Park laughter

Lyla Adams swings forward and laughs on a swing at McLain Rogers.


The wedding of Meredith Lockridge of Clinton and Cooper Sperle of Clinton will be Oct. 24, 2020, at Cornerstone Church in Clinton.