Try this trick at night to find out if your dog or cat has fleas. Fill a shallow baking dish with water and a few squirts of dishwashing soap, then place the tray near your dog's bed. Plug in an LED nightlight and focus the light so it's shining right onto the tray of soapy water. Then turn off the lights and let the fleas follow their natural instinct to go toward the light. In the morning, you'll know if there are fleas in your home if there are dead bugs floating in the water.

Biden’s place shaped by bygone politics

Joe Biden may have been the right answer to the tumult in the country at the end of Donald Trump’s first term. His climate-change legislation is a substantial, enduring achievement.

Overcommitting can lead to exhaustion

DEAR HARRIETTE: I feel like I can never say no when I am asked to do something. This is getting to be a problem because I feel like I am stretched too thin. My job is stressful, and the stakes are high right now. As a result, my boss is piling on more and more work.

Ever get stuck holding the door for what seems like a long line of people? Here’s a transcript of what usually happens: “Thank you so much!” a woman says as she picks up her pace to double time out of courtesy to the door holder.

Friend doesn’t warn guest about ex attending social gathering

DEAR HARRIETTE: My friend 'Mary' threw a small and intimate event over the weekend, and I ended up running into my ex-boyfriend there. He was there with his date, who just happens to be close friends with Mary. I felt blindsided. I wish Mary had warned me that he might be there, or that he is now dating a friend of hers. She must have known who was coming, as she asked all guests to RSVP for the event. Am I wrong to be upset with Mary for not warning me? — Blindsided DEAR BLINDSIDED: You have every right to feel uncomfortable about what happened. Talk to Mary. Ask her if she knew her friend was bringing your ex.