Junior worried about lack of internship

DEAR HARRIETTE: I would love some advice on how not to feel behind in life compared to my friends. I am going into my last year of college, and all my friends are doing things to take steps toward their careers. One friend is off to New York City and another to Dallas, both to work in finance. Two of my friends graduated a year early and are taking gap years before applying to medical school. Lastly, my best friend is doing mathematics research at a prestigious university. I, however, have nothing: no internship or research project.

Solutions require bipartisan cooperation

No one wanted a reprise of the childish Capitol Hill drama over a Senate bill meant to crack down on illegal border crossings, but we’re getting one anyway. Democrats are reviving a bill that would make it tougher to apply for asylum and that would add more border protection staff. The bill was the product of a bipartisan deal earlier this year — bipartisan, that is, until Donald Trump decided it wouldn’t help his presidential campaign, leaving the GOP to torpedo its own work.

There’s reason why debates matter

Joe Biden and Donald Trump have agreed to debate twice – on CNN in June, then on ABC in September. Both think they can win, or at least gain an advantage over the other. But both can’t be right.

Weight training in old age can be helpful

Dear Doctors: My grandmother is 81 years old and still active. She comes to yoga classes at my gym, and we have a lot of fun. Now she wants to try weightlifting, but my parents are saying it’s not a good idea. Would it be dangerous for her?

Friend moving away leaves feelings of doubt

DEAR HARRIETTE: My best friend of 20 years is moving away with her husband and family all the way from Connecticut to Thailand so they can both teach English there. They will be gone for five years, with the possibility of moving there permanently. While I’m excited for their new adventure, I can’t help but feel a sense of loss at the thought of her being so far away. My family and hers have done so much together ever since we both got married and started our families.

Coming to budget agreement

This week, the Legislature officially reached a budget agreement for Fiscal Year 2025. This consensus comes after months of negotiations, meeting with state agencies, and reviewing our state’s financial position.

Advice to the graduate as they enter into the world

Afriend who's worked in Washington politics for decades was thinking aloud about a commencement speech she was scheduled to give at her law school alma mater. She didn't want to give the students fluff. She wanted to be congratulatory while not patronizing them. She wanted to make a point about gratitude, stewardship and humility.

Trump trial, 2016 election truthers

Former President Donald Trump and some Republicans famously rejected the results of the 2020 election. Trump called the election rigged. He encouraged the Jan. 6 protest at the Capitol that turned into a riot. And he and his supporters filed dozens of lawsuits to challenge Joe Biden’s narrow victories in some key states. Trump lost them all; in the end, his legal effort to change the 2020 result was a resounding failure.