NEW YORK (AP) — Through more than 200 years, the Sisters of Charity of New York nursed Civil War casualties, joined civil rights and anti-war demonstrations, cared for orphans, and taught countless children.

Friend can’t stop putting herself down

DEAR HARRIETTE: My friend is constantly putting herself down. She cannot seem to take a compliment. Even when she gives compliments to others, she follows them with a put-down comment about herself and how inadequate she is in comparison. It’s really frustrating and heartbreaking to hear. She’s been in therapy for a while now, but clearly it isn’t helping her self-esteem.

Most don’t believe Biden fit to serve

President Joe Biden was born Nov. 20, 1942. That has been a well-known fact, or at least a widely available fact, since Biden entered national politics a half-century ago. The fact that Biden is 80 years old now, and that he will be 82 when the next presidential term begins, and that he will be 86 when that term ends – all that has been known at all times surrounding Biden’s campaigns and presidency.

Ringing in ear has no easy solutions

Dear Doctors: I am a woman in my 80s and have been in pretty good health. However, I now have ringing in my ears that drives me crazy. I’ve tried drugstore pills and drops and a sound machine as well, but nothing works. I am hoping you can explain this ordeal and offer suggestions for relief.

Confronting acquaintance about remarks

DEAR HARRIETTE: A few years ago, a guy I went to college with said some really hurtful things about me and then blocked me on all social media platforms. Unfortunately, he’s a wellknown creative in my city, and his opinion carries weight among our peers. I’m a less popular creative. Needless to say, the fact that he threw dirt on my name really stung.

Joe Biden’s age is a non-issue

Despite my own advanced age, I have relatively little to say about Joe Biden’s. If I were in his shoes, I’d accept the thanks of a grateful nation and step aside. Apparently, that puts me among the majority of Americans, 70% of whom in a recent NBC News poll said he shouldn’t run for reelection. Almost as many said his age is a factor. The president is 80.