DEAR HARRIETTE: My grandmother has been sick for about a year. She's slowly losing control of her body and mind. She's not capable of living alone as she can't walk much and shows early signs of dementia. She has a live-in caretaker.

Today is the 254th day of 2021 and the 84th day of summer.

Two questions about Afghan refugees

Biden administration officials are proud of their effort to airlift about 118,000 Afghans, plus somewhere between 5,000 and 6,000 U.S. citizens, from the Kabul airport in the final days of the president's botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. But still unanswered are two key questions: One, who did we leave behind? And two, who did we bring out?

Over a decade ago we published an editorial about how taking care of the little things can have a huge impact. We thought it was worth repeating.

The allure

Ever since journalists started working from home in large numbers, they've begun adopting pets and, inevitably, writing about them. No problem there. I've worked from home since the 1980s, and caring for domestic animals has long been among my ruling passions.

Experts weigh in on new

Dear Doctor: I just saw on the TV news that there’s a new fungus killing people in Texas, and that there’s no cure for it. They’re calling it a superbug, which sounds scary. What is it? Is it going to be everywhere, like COVID-19?