DEAR ABBY: I was married to my first husband for 13 years and was very close to his family. His parents and sister were like my own. We ended up divorcing, and it was an extremely painful situation on both sides.

DEAR HARRIETTE: My family has lost the desire to go to church. We recently moved to a new home and have yet to find a church that suits us. The issue is that no one is making an effort to find a good option around us.

Dear Doctor: My granddaughters are absolutely crazy about soccer. They’re constantly trying to outdo each other with their maneuvers, and now one is trying to learn to “head” the ball. But isn’t that dangerous, especially for girls?

DEAR HARRIETTE: My father has an issue of saying the wrong things at the wrong time. He does not have a filter, and he often comes off as offensive when

Medicare wants to help you use prescription pain medications safely.

Prescription opioid medications such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, morphine and codeine can help treat pain after surgery or after an injury but they carry serious risks, like addiction, an overdose and death.