The fanciest desk in the world

Everyone knows that I am attached to my desk. I would argue I have good reason. My desk is an extension of myself. Whereas other people are attached to their phones, I frequently lose track of mine. My desk is my home inside my home.

Some in GOP appear to follow Russian playbook

There's a word to describe political movements that emphasize ethnic, racial and religious solidarity over citizenship and pluralistic values, but it has unpleasant historical associations. Using it only causes political conversations to end in bitterness and name-calling.

Choosing Trump or truth

To glimpse the future of the Republican Party if Trump and Trumpism continue to prevail, just look at what's happening in Arizona. Cheered on by the former president, the Republican-controlled state senate is sponsoring a wackadoodle recount aimed at overturning Joe Biden's narrow victory last November.

Today is the 141st day of 2021 and the 63rd day of spring.

Clinton Public Schools have been the leader in COVID-19 protection and protocol during the pandemic that has gripped the nation, state and the Hub City for more than a year.

A legislative race to the finish line

It’ll be a race to the finish line the next couple of weeks as we diligently work alongside the House of Representatives to complete the Fiscal Year 2022 budget, which will begin on July 1.

Brother’s gradual weight gain worries sibling

DEAR HARRIETTE: My brother has been really depressed lately and is gaining a lot of weight as a result. I've noticed him eating a lot and not exercising at all. It's been gradual; since last November, he's been slowly gaining more and more weight. I think losing our great-aunt may have triggered this depression. They were very close, and he really hasn't been the same since she died. I'm concerned for his health and his happiness. Losing control of his weight may worsen his depression. How can I intervene with out upsetting him or making him feel bad? — Intervening