Graduation hurts – in two ways

When your kid begins her senior year, there is no end of advice you receive from others who have gone through the process before you.


Custer County Farm Bureau Women’s Committee was on hand at the state capitol to celebrate Farm City Festival activities in Oklahoma. Each year Farm Bureau Women’s Committee members from across Oklahoma would prepare a special luncheon for state lawmakers and their office staff members to symbolize the major role that agriculture plays in the Oklahoma economy. Those shown taking part in Farm City activities from Custer County were Modell Taylor, Imogene Rockhold, Verna Lou Driscoll, Nadene Marquis, Erma Smith and District Women’s Committee Chairperson June Kliewer.

LGBTQ+ dreams in today's American Catholic Church

As a child in inner-city Milwaukee, Father Bryan Massingale's grandmother gave him a leather-bound copy of The New Webster Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English Language, along with a dream that he might need it someday.

Woman criticized for brightly colored hair

DEAR HARRIETTE: I recently dyed my hair a fun color, and one of my girlfriends criticized me for trying to look younger than I am. I am a 50-yearold woman, and I work in the arts. She works in a corporate job, wears a conservative hairstyle and has let her hair go gray. I have the freedom to do what I want and look how I want, so I decided to have some fun with my hair. I didn’t appreciate her criticism. I don’t want to come off as overly sensitive, but I do want her to know that I feel perfectly comfortable and happy with my playful hair.

Golf’s recent political meltdown

For more than a year, professional golf has been engulfed in a civil war over money and politics. The cause has been the creation of a new tour, funded by the vastly wealthy government of Saudi Arabia, to challenge the dominance — some would say the monopoly — of the PGA Tour.

Visit to physician after onset of new symptoms

Dear Doctors: I’m a 29-year-old man at a normal weight, and I eat a balanced and healthy diet. I’ve been having night sweats and sometimes also mild or moderate kidney pain. There is a history of cancer on both of my parents’ sides of the family. I’m not asking for a diagnosis, just advice on how to figure this out.

Cousin needs to confront past trauma from parents

DEAR HARRIETTE: I am at a loss on how to express my concerns to my cousin. She has gone through some serious emotional trauma at the hands of her parents, and I have witnessed firsthand how she hasn’t fully healed or even addressed those issues seriously. My cousin has been talking about having children, but the thought of her potentially projecting her unresolved issues onto children terrifies me. To make matters worse, she is not even in a committed relationship with the man she wants to have children with. I think she needs to get serious therapy before even entertaining the idea of having children. I want to express my concern without coming off as intrusive or insensitive, and I’m not sure how to go about it. What do you recommend I do? — Concerned Cousin DEAR CONCERNED COUSIN: This is delicate territory, so tread lightly. Ask your cousin for permission to speak freely about something that is on your mind. With her blessing, tell her how beautiful it is that she wants to have children and remind her of what a huge responsibility it is. Suggest that as she prepares herself for the possibility, she may want to consider going to therapy to address some of the trauma that she experienced as a child so that she can learn tools to work through her challenges as well as strategies for how to be a healthy parent.