The most important decision

Over the last 31 years, I’ve taught about 2,000 students at George Washington University. My classes have focused on politics and journalism, but many students maintain that the most lasting lesson they learned from me had nothing to do with course work.

Beach goer wants to extend summer friendships

DEAR HARRIETTE: I made friends with a group of women this summer who were so kind. We have known each other for a while, but we bonded in a different way recently. Normally we only see one another during the summer in our beach community. I feel like I would like to stay in touch with them during the rest of the year, too. I'm not sure how to proceed, though. It's almost like summer is our special time, and the rest of the year we just live our lives. How do I approach them about extending our friendship beyond Labor Day? -- Remaining Friends DEAR REMAINING FRIENDS:

In response to concerns about the large number of rural land purchases by foreign entities since voters legalized medical marijuana in the state, Oklahoma’s U.S. Senators James Lankford and Jim Inhofe introduced the Security and Oversight of International Landholdings (SOIL) Act this week to oversee purchases of agricultural land in the United States.

The Democrats’ filibuster scheme

Vice President Kamala Harris appeared in a pre-taped interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” last weekend. As is often the case with her interviews, Harris said a few awkward, illinformed or downright odd things.

Wildfire smoke is dangerous to anyone, especially those with lung conditions

Dear Doctors: I got sick with COVID-19 this summer — racing heart, heavy lungs, the whole bit. I was just getting back to normal when our part of Washington got hit hard with smoke from wildfires. It seems like it's making my COVID-19 symptoms come back. How can I stay safe while this is going on?

Parents won’t allow teen to access social media

DEAR HARRIETTE: I'm going into high school now, and my parents still won't let me have my own social media account: no TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram. They think it's bad for me and unsafe.

Struggles of anglers against moguls

When the going gets tough, the clever go fishing. Few pastimes connect a person to the natural world like standing in a freeflowing stream casting for smallmouth or trout. The distant noise of commerce and the clamor of politics fade to nothing. For others, a long walk on the beach, the cry of seagulls and the eternal slap and sigh of the surf provide similar therapy.