Here’s a reason to start saving empty milk and juice cartons (and ask your neighbors and friends to save for you!) a few weeks before you move: They can help protect your fragile items.

Duct-cleaning services often claim that they can improve a home’s air quality and boost the efficiency of its heating and cooling system by sucking or blowing dust and dirt from HVAC system ducts. Some even claim that duct cleaning can improve respiratory health.

DEAR ABBY: My sister “Thea” has distanced herself from the family. I understand why she did. Our parents were mentally, physically and emotionally abusive while we were growing up, with

DEAR HARRIETTE: My family has lost the desire to go to church. We recently moved to a new home and have yet to find a church that suits us. The issue is that no one is making an effort to find a good option around us.

Dear Doctor: My granddaughters are absolutely crazy about soccer. They’re constantly trying to outdo each other with their maneuvers, and now one is trying to learn to “head” the ball. But isn’t that dangerous, especially for girls?

Every month, I and most other business owners have to go online and submit a payroll withholding report to the fine folks at the IRS.

Then they rummage around my checking account in search of however much money is stated in the report.