Pushy friend won’t take no for an answer

DEAR HARRIETTE: I have a friend who is extremely pushy with her requests. She is a woman of privilege, and she is accustomed to getting her way immediately. She asked

Bride-to-be troubled by racist grandma

DEAR HARRIETTE: My grandmother is racist. I used to be able to ignore it just to make peace with the family, but now I am engaged to a Mexican man.

Cycling offers many benefits with low impact

Dear Doctor: My company provides perks for involvement in its wellness program, and I’ve decided to start biking the 4 miles (with a few hills!) to work. Do you think

Reader wants to keep clothes, just in case

DEAR HARRIETTE: I have at least three sizes of clothes in my closet that represent the range of weights that I have carried over the years. My weight has gone


Both Democrats and Republicans in Congress, and the president of the United States actually agreed on something this week – they all hate getting those pesky unwanted robotic phone calls.

New year brings urgency for candidates

Finally, the presidential campaign has entered the presidential election year. The turning of the calendar is an important symbolic moment. From here on in, candidates' political errors that might have been ignored in 2019 will receive rapt attention.