Jackson, N.H., no longer named for 7th president

Up here in the White Mountains, things frequently aren't what they seem. The January showers in this Mount Washington Valley town often take their form as snowfalls in the high summits. The expertrated Maple Slalom ski trail on Black Mountain just up the road from the Christmas Farm Inn isn't as forbidding as its reputation. The Mount Clinton near the Presidential Range peaks of Mount Adams, Mount Jefferson, Mount Madison, Mount Monroe and Mount Eisenhower isn't named for Bill Clinton – and in any case often is called Mount Pierce.

Culture, adults letting young people down

You may have heard by now about Paxton Smith, the high-school valedictorian in Texas who switched out her expected speech to decry the recent heartbeat law passed in that state, which restricts abortions early on in pregnancy.

We like the approach the Clinton Economic Development Authority is considering to find the BEST use for the condemned Glancy Motel property that it is in the process of acquiring.


I just learned that my ex-husband has remarried. I learned this as we learn about all important life milestones these days: on Facebook.

After a year of isolation because of COVID-19, we now have a better understanding of what it is like to lose some of the freedoms that we have long taken for granted.

GOP may be starting to self-destruct

Nobody wants to believe what they are seeing: the conversion of one of America's two major political parties into a cult of personality actively conspiring to overturn democratic rule in the United States. And doing so in broad daylight.

Biden needs to remind some Dems why he won

The political world has been focusing on the serious splits in Republican ranks – and rightly so. Purging party members who won't worship before the altar of Trumpism is an exercise in self-demolition.

Foster parents many times are lifesavers

May was National Foster Care Month, and a big concept for anyone who knows anything about foster care is reunification. Reuniting a child with their birth parents or parent is a beautiful thought and a positive goal, when it's possible.

In 1937, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge opened to pedestrian traffic.

The City of Clinton is facing a huge dilemma on what to do with our aging city parks.