Today is the 138th day of 2023 and the 60th day of spring.

Thanks to changes, baseball is back

One day in 1951, during Willie Mays’ rookie season, my father took me to the Polo Grounds in Manhattan to see him play. What I recall most vividly is emerging from a shadowy corridor under the stands into the astonishing sunlit green of the outfield grass. The sheer expanse of a major league playing field is something you’re not prepared for as a child.


Short-term homestays are very common now as an alternative to hotels when traveling. While there are many large companies that offer a wide variety of vacation rental properties, you can up your eco-friendly game by choosing one with sustainability in mind. The online platform lists vacation homes that meet criteria like being designed with 100% renewable energy, water-saving features, eco-friendly cleaning products and lighting, solar panels and more.

In West Virginia, coal is kingmaker

MOORESVILLE, W.V. – Here, in this tiny unincorporated community equidistant from Shinnston, W. Va. (population 2,306), and Smithfield, Penn. (pop. 817), the dogwoods are only now beginning to bloom, their annual springtime metamorphosis from white to green just underway. And just past Crooked Run Road, the coal trucks line up, one by one.

Sibling wants to repair relationship with sister

DEAR HARRIETTE: I never had a good relationship with my sister growing up — or even as adults, quite frankly. Recently, though, we have been getting along well. We do not live in the same town, but we talk on the phone occasionally. In the past, these conversations would often be awkward. This year, though, things have been much better. We have had very friendly conversations. I’m almost afraid to believe that this will continue since they used to be combative. How can I let go of the past and just be in the moment with her? My worry is that she used to hurt my feelings a lot. I have kept my guard up for so long, I’m not sure how to completely let it down. — Renewed Relationship DEAR RENEWED RELATIONSHIP: While you may not want to let down your guard completely, you can continue to ease into a relaxed engagement with your sister. When you two talk, assume the positive — that it will be a good conversation. Listen and share naturally.

Now is clearly a time for toughness

For all presidents, naming federal judges is one of the most critical ways they leave their mark on history. Donald Trump failed to keep most of his campaign promises, but there’s one he did – stacking the courts with young, conservative-minded jurists, 231 of them in all, including three Supreme Court justices.

Discovering my happy place at my desk

Ihave a sticker that says “My Happy Place,” and I kept it for a while, wondering where to put it. In the end, I stuck it near my desk so I could see it while I write. I am usually happy when I’m writing.

Son should contribute while home for summer

DEAR HARRIETTE: My son is coming home from college soon, and I want him to do more than just sleep and hang out with his friends all summer. I have encouraged him to get a job, but he hasn’t made any inquiries yet. I know I am going to be fire-breathing mad if he does what is his normal: nothing.

In 1940, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill gave his “blood, toil, tears and sweat” speech to the British House of Commons as Germany’s conquest of France began.