Aging, big picture important biomarkers

Dear Doctors: What does the term 'biological age' refer to? How do you go about figuring out what your biological age is? I will turn 80 at the end of the year, am physically active and I eat a vegetarian diet. Is there anything else I should be doing to get 'younger'?

Bidenomics: Inflation down, prices up

The government announced Tuesday that the Consumer Price Index rose 3.2% in October from the same time last year. That is less than the 3.7% prices rose in September, leading to a lot of commentary about 'good news' on inflation.

The view from the other side

Here's my story: I'm a year younger than President Biden, two years and change older than Donald Trump. Healthwise, I've always been lucky. Having turned 80 in September, I'm still all systems go.


Reliable water sources for wildlife can suddenly become unavailable if you live in a climate with harsh, freezing temperatures. While an electrified birdbath is one way to help, it can be difficult and expensive to maintain, and also poses the risk of shorting out (which can hurt birds and small animals). The simplest idea: Just place a water source on the south side of your property, where the sun's rays will be strongest during the day. It should help thaw just enough to be a source of much-needed water.

Lack of motivation impacts reader’s diet

DEAR HARRIETTE: I have been having issues with my motivation lately. I have low energy, and simple tasks take me way longer than they should. I get all my work done, but that typically is the full extent of what I do in a day. Due to this lack of energy, I have not been cooking or going to the grocery store as much as I should. This results in not eating enough food in a day, snacking too much or eating unhealthy options that I can have delivered to my apartment. I do not feel satisfied with the unhealthy food I eat, but ordering salads and restaurant food is extremely expensive.

Today is the 319th day of 2023 and the 54th day of autumn.