There is no one that hates government intrusion more than we do. But we believe the time has come to put a temporary mask mandate in place in order to keep many people from spreading or getting COVID-19.

Frailty assessment helpful before surgery

Dear Doctor: Our dad is 82 years old and may need to get a pacemaker. My brother and I recently read that surgery is hard on older people, both physically and mentally. Is getting a pacemaker going to be risky? He's physically pretty weak, and we're worried the surgery will be too much for him.

Even though we didn’t know the outcome of the presidential election at the time of this writing, we, like many others, are extremely happy that Election Day has come and gone.

Have we become too impatient?

Even after 160 million people voted – a figure that is about a fifth of the population of the entire world when the Constitution was written – many questions remain unanswered, many aspects of our public life are unsettled, many political matters are unresolved, many aspects of our social and cultural lives are uncertain.