Reader nervous to introduce dad to friends

DEAR HARRIETTE: My father says a lot of things that I don’t think are politically correct. He is quick to make racist and sexist comments. He is totally clueless about

Mom questions keeping daughter’s secret

DEAR HARRIETTE: My daughter has been dating the same boy for two years. They seem to be in love. We like him and his family. About six months ago, my

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Conservative Christians are fond of the adage WWJD – What Would Jesus Do? A good question during the Christmas season is HWJV – How Would Jesus Vote? Democrats have struggled

Did you squeeze a bunch of lemons? Don’t throw them away when they can still be used to help freshen up one of the hardest-to-clean kitchen appliances: your microwave. Just

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DEAR HARRIETTE: My son has started hanging out with a group of boys who are constantly getting into trouble. He is in the ninth grade at a new school, and