Thinking about giving the outside of your house a fresh paint job? The color of the paint you choose can have a big impact on how energy-efficient your home can be. Homes in warmer climates that choose lighter colors can increase their light reflective value (LRV). For example, pure black measures 0% LRV and pure white has a 100% LRV.

Former flame makes things awkward with new guy

DEAR HARRIETTE: Earlier this year, I met a guy I really liked. We talked a lot and went out once, but nothing really came of it. More specifically, I thought we liked each other a lot, but when I came back to town after spring break, he kind of iced me out.

The optimism of space exploration

VERO BEACH, Fla. – I saw it lift into the dusky heavens, reaching upward in a stunning ballet of determination and grace, creeping across the sky in an orange streak, stretching toward Earth’s orbit. And somehow, the rise of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket defied the notion that there is no revelation in repetition.

Treatment for BEB is use of botulinum toxin products

Dear Doctors: I’ve recently been diagnosed with benign essential blepharospasm. Would you please explain what this is? How serious is it? Does it spread? I know it’s not deadly, but I’ve read that it can be debilitating, and I’m a little concerned about my future.

Employee questions building relationship with boss

DEAR HARRIETTE: I work for a woman who is so tough. At first, I thought this was great. She has risen up the ranks in our company and is one of the only women at the top. She has broken so many records. But she is almost impossible to talk to. I have never seen even a glimmer of softness. I don’t mean “girliness” or anything. I mean compassion or kindness. If you mess up on anything, you are guaranteed to be reprimanded publicly for it.

Examining this moment of peril

This was all completely predictable. The government is facing a massive fiscal crisis because House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is a lethal combination of excessive ambition and extreme weakness.

After moving, friend wants to reconnect over Zoom

DEAR HARRIETTE: I used to hang out with a group of women from my neighborhood, and we formed a real bond over the years. My husband and I downsized last year to a smaller home in my home state. While I think we made the right decision financially, I am so lonely. I miss my friends and our genuine camaraderie. I want to get us together and had the thought of inviting them to a Zoom cocktail party with me. They could be at their individual homes or all together, like we used to do, with me on camera. Do you think that would be too much of an imposition? That’s one thing I liked during the pandemic — we figured out how to be together from a distance. I don’t want to be too pushy, though. — Need To Connect DEAR NEED TO CONNECT: I bet your friends miss you as much as you miss them. By all means, suggest that you create a virtual cocktail party with them. Ideally, everyone would be in their own homes. That way, everybody gets a chance to talk, and they are all focused on the screen. Sometimes when one person is virtual and the rest are not, the in-person party can be distracting and draw people away from the person who isn’t in the room. If it turns out to be a big gathering with you added in, suggest that the first hour be focused on all of you talking to one another. Then you can sign off and they can continue.

Global South starts cutting ties with Canterbury

After a half-century of decline, the U.S. Episcopal Church has 1.5 million members, and its average weekly attendance was just above 500,000 before COVID-19 and 300,000 afterward.