Woman wants new beau to drop her at her door

DEAR HARRIETTE: I have been going out with a nice guy for a few weeks now. I live in Manhattan, and he lives in Queens. On several occasions, we have hung out late. The way I was taught, the man is supposed to make sure that the woman gets home safely.

Biden makes things worse on border

Republicans have spent two years demanding that President Joe Biden visit the U.S.Mexico border. They wanted Biden to face the real-world consequences of his border policy and the burden it has placed on Americans not only in the border states but around the country.

Single parent is finding it difficult to date

DEAR HARRIETTE: I am a 40-yearold single mom, and I am having trouble dating. It seems as if I am attracting emotionally unavailable men. I am always upfront about desiring a serious relationship, and every man who shows interest in me immediately lets me know that they are not interested in that.

The misinformation superhighway

Possibly you recall the “Information Superhighway,” a phrase popularized by then-Vice President Al Gore to describe the internet. The expectation was that universal connectivity would lead to widespread enlightenment and social progress. Instead, we got QAnon, TikTok, metastasizing superstition and the cult of Donald J. Trump – a speedway to delusion and disorder. We got social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.


It may sound crazy, but covering your shrubs with more snow actually can help protect them during harsh winter months. Simply shovel freshly fallen, salt-free snow to surround bushes and the bases of trees. These 'snow fences' will create a barrier to protect plants from harsh, chilly winter winds. While covering every bush with burlap screens can also do the job, making DIY snow fences with a few throws of the shovel can have pretty close to the same protective effect.

I caught my mom hitting on my ex-boyfriend

DEAR HARRIETTE: I just found out that my mother made a pass at my ex-boyfriend. I always suspected this because I noticed the subtle flirting when he would come around. It has always frustrated me how flirty she is with younger guys in general, but I am furious that she actually made a move on my ex. Now that he has confirmed that she did make a pass at him, should I confront her? If so, how? This is my mother we are talking about! — Mad at Mom DEAR MAD AT MOM: Yes, you should confront your mother. She absolutely crossed the line when she flirted with and made a pass at your ex-boyfriend. That is not OK. Because you know that she has this propensity to flirt with younger men, you also need to understand that whatever you say may fall on deaf ears. She will likely brush it off and say he blew the whole scene out of proportion. She might even claim that he came onto her. Tell her that it saddens and angers you that your relationships are unsafe around her. Express your horror that you cannot trust your mother to be around your beau.

Friend pushes too hard about getting on diet

DEAR HARRIETTE: My friend is on some sort of weight-loss kick and is now trying to convince me that I need to follow her new routine as well. The diet that she is on is too restrictive for me. I have had a long, complicated relationship with yo-yo dieting since my teens, and I am just now starting to fix these issues — well into my adulthood. My friend is naturally pushy, but I don't think she understands how triggering it is to be around someone who is so persistent about getting on a diet. The only thing that I feel like doing is avoiding her. How do I handle this? — Pushy Friend DEAR PUSHY FRIEND: Have a serious conversation with your friend, and be plainly honest. Admit that it is hard for you to have this talk with her because dieting in and of itself has been challenging to you. As your friend, tell her that you need her to give you space to do what's right for you, just as you are giving her space for herself. Ask her to stop pressuring you. Make it clear that if she cannot stop her pushiness, you will have no choice but to distance yourself from her.

In 1908, President Theodore Roosevelt declared the Grand Canyon a national monument.

Government dysfunction, 2023 edition

For days, the House dithered, debated, deferred, demurred and demonstrated what dysfunction means in a mature democracy that has been a model of stability and an inspiration to the world for centuries. Two years after hoodlums brought the Capitol to a standstill, the country’s elected officials did much the same thing – without injuring anybody or anything but their own public image and, ultimately, the country they were elected to serve.