Balance is a surprising link to overall health

Dear Doctors: What's the deal with that 10-second balance test we're seeing all over the news? It doesn't seem like living longer would come down to being able to stand on one foot. Is there any science behind it, or is it just another meme? Dear Reader: The balance test that you're referring to does sound simplistic. Dig deeper, though, and it's part of an important body of research that links good balance to health and well-being.

Watch out for sophisticated scammers

DEAR HARRIETTE: I almost got duped AGAIN by scammers. They are so clever, and it unnerves me. I got a call from someone posing as an Amazon agent, saying that someone in Memphis, Tennessee, was trying to buy a $999 computer using my account. He said it was flagged because the amount was high, and it was going to a different address than I generally use. He asked to verify my ZIP code. I did. He asked if I had been traveling. He then told me about a range of places where my account had been opened. He made little statements and asked questions here and there that caught me off guard.


Back in the day, it wasn't uncommon to have to change a car's oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. But technology and design have evolved, and you may be surprised to learn that you need not change your motor oil as frequently as you think. The simplest way to find out is to visit checkyournumber. org and enter the year, make and model of your car. It will tell you the exact manufacturer recommended oil change frequency for your car, not the average for all cars. You'll find that newer cars typically need their oil changed less frequently, often around every 15,000 miles.

America not like Dad would recognize

Dear Dad, I’ve been thinking about you more than usual these days, this time of year being the 18th anniversary of your death. I am constantly wondering how I would explain to you what has happened to the country that your father sought as a refuge from tyranny and servitude, that your brother died for in Pacific combat during World War II, that you served later in that conflict, and that I grew up revering for the promise and opportunity it provided and for the values it sought to preserve and extend.

Take it slow when returning to exercise after COVID

Dear Doctors: I'm a healthy 61-year-old woman, still tired and a bit sick after five days with a moderate bout of COVID. I want to exercise again when I'm symptom- free. Would a 20-minute walk a few times a week, and a few gentle sessions of more vigorous exercise, be a good way to start?

Midterms still revolve around Trump

Once given up for dead, Democrats are increasingly optimistic about their chances in November's midterm elections. The race for the House is narrowing, although Republicans are still predicted to win control, while the race for the Senate is a toss-up. Formerly pessimistic Democrats now think November will not be an unmitigated disaster for their party.