‘Town hall’ anything but journalism

Time was when people calling themselves journalists were in the business of reporting news, not creating it. However, we no longer have political journalism in this country; instead, we have TV. And what TV is about, almost regardless of what it pretends to be about, is celebrity.


When it comes to saving electricity at home, appliances that involve water or keeping things cold account for nearly 25% of the average household's energy use. Choosing energy-efficient dishwashers and refrigerators is a good way to start, and opting for cold water whenever possible when washing clothes really adds up.

Friend worries about woman who wants BBL

DEAR HARRIETTE: My best friend wants to get a Brazilian butt lift, better known as a BBL. It seems like everybody is doing it these days. I did some research and saw that it's basically a form of liposuction.

Could 2024’s victor be an unknown?

WASHINGTON — Increasingly, it appears that it may take a phenomenon from the old Democratic Party for the new Republican Party to move beyond its nomination-infatuation with Donald Trump.

Nephew has unrealistic expectations of enlistment

DEAR HARRIETTE: I have a nephew who is dead set on joining the military. He has been talking about it for a few years, and it's almost time to enlist. He believes that it’s as easy as 1-2-3: He will apply, get in and go to basic training. I hope that's true, but that is not what I have heard from people I know who are in the military. They tell me the admission process is rigorous and that for various reasons, many people don't get in. How can I help my nephew increase his chances of getting in and also be realistic?

How to cover Donald Trump

Since Donald Trump is the firmly established frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination, that raises the question: How does the media cover him over the next 18 months?

Mom angry at mother-in-law in delivery room

DEAR HARRIETTE: I recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, which should have been a moment of pure joy and excitement. Unfortunately, my husband's mother had other plans. Despite my wishes, my mother-in-law insisted on being in the delivery room during the birth of our child. This was not a decision that my husband and I had discussed beforehand, and I was caught completely off guard. I did not want her there.