It was a great year for Oklahomans

The 2022 fiscal year budget is now in effect. Due to the economic rebound our state experienced on the heels of the CO- VID-19 pandemic, most of our state agencies that receive funding appropriated by the legislature will see a budget increase.

Today is the 190th day of 2021 and the 20th day of summer.

Just another typical Capitol riot case?

So far, the Justice Department has charged more than 450 people with taking part in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. You hear a lot about the cases of those accused of violent acts or conspiring to take part in an "insurrection." But recently, we saw the resolution of a much more pedestrian case, one that is likely representative of the rioters who ended up inside the Capitol, but did not take part in any violence.

Today’s edition of the Clinton Daily News is devoted to Saluting our Patriots.

The Supreme Court just ruled against the city of Philadelphia, which was trying to prevent Catholic Social Services from helping children in foster care get placed in homes, due to CSS's views on homosexual marriage.