Woman wants relationship with friend

DEAR HARRIETTE: I am a 25-yearold woman, and I want to pursue a relationship with my childhood friend. He and I have been friends since we were 5 years old. We went to the same schools from elementary through college, and now we both live in Boston.

Seek care for tick bite followed by rash

Hello, dear readers, and welcome back to our monthly letters column. With the warm spring-almost-summer weather, we are officially in tick season. We urge you to be on high alert for these potentially dangerous pests as you spend time outdoors. Dress defensively, use the appropriate bug repellents and don’t skip the tick checks, including for any four-footed friends. If a tick bite is followed by a rash, fever or flulike symptoms, always seek medical care. And now, onward to the inbox.

(AP) – When faced with infertility, Amanda and Jeff Walker had a baby through in vitro fertilization but were left with extra embryos — and questions. Tori and Sam Earle 'adopted' an embryo frozen 20 years earlier by another couple. Matthew Eppinette and his wife chose to forgo IVF out of ethical concerns and have no children of their own.

Measuring Trump conviction factor

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you’ve probably heard a lot of speculation about the effect former President Donald Trump’s felony conviction will have on the 2024 presidential race.

Communication challenges disrupt relationship

DEAR HARRIETTE: Am I being selfish for pointing out to my girlfriend that she will not always be the top priority in our relationship, which is a reality due to my commitments as a performer and dancer? Often, the group requires us to relocate to another state for monthslong event preparations, leaving me with limited communication time as production demands are intensive.