With an estimated $2,000 worth of food thrown away every year in the average American household, being savvy about food waste is both ecological and economical. Take advantage of the plethora of recipes online to turn ingredients destined for the trash into delicious new things to eat. Overripe fruit can be made into fruit leather; vegetable peelings and tops come together for a flavorful veggie broth; and even stale bread and crackers can be transformed into bread pudding or crispy breadcrumbs to adorn salads.

Husband discloses partner’s salary to

DEAR HARRIETTE: The other day I was driving home with my husband when he got a call from a good friend of his. His friend was venting about being unhappy with the base salary at his new job. My husband then revealed that he should be happy with that salary, and how it is more than I am making now.

Trump and his minions keep shoveling

Time was when getting caught in a malicious lie about a rival would have ended an American politician's career. We no longer live that way. Just the other day, Donald Trump unleashed a torrent of falsehoods attacking President Joe Biden that would have shamed a carnival barker.

Keeping memories alive in Netherlands

This is a column about war and remembrance, and about how the sacrifice of more than 8,000 American wartime soldiers and aviators has never been forgotten. It is about respect, duty and loyalty — three attributes that sometimes seem to be in short supply but are cultivated in surfeit in a small corner of The Netherlands that is forever America.

Babies, young kids more susceptible to heat rash

Dear Doctors: We recently relocated for my husband's job. It's hotter here and a lot more humid than our previous home. All three of our children, including the baby, are suddenly dealing with heat rash. Why does that happen?

Cold won’t go away, negative for COVID

DEAR HARRIETTE: I have been suffering from a bad cold for a couple of weeks now. I still have had to work and go about my life. I have taken several COVID-19 tests — and every other test that the doctor would give me.

Biden has a Hunter problem

Last May, President Biden defended his son Hunter against allegations of criminal behavior. 'First of all, my son has done nothing wrong,' he told MSNBC. 'I trust him. I have faith in him.'

Apartment dweller suffers peeping tom incident

DEAR HARRIETTE: I live on the ground floor of an apartment complex. It is in the city, but it is surrounded by a small garden and fence. The other morning, I felt something weird and opened my eyes. Standing outside my window was a random man staring in at me. My bedroom is small. While there was a window between us, he was literally only about 10 feet away from me. I screamed, and he ran off. My sons went out to track him down as I called the police. My sons found him and showed the police where he was. The police talked to him and released him. I asked them to arrest him, but they said they hadn't caught him doing anything, so they couldn't. I am so worried about this. It was horrible waking up to him looking in on me. The police don't seem to be much help. What can I do? — Peeping Tom DEAR PEEPING TOM: I'm sorry this happened to you. It is frightening for something like that to occur when you are most vulnerable. Is there a neighborhood watch for your building or community? You can talk to them about community policing. If there isn't one, maybe you can start a group of people who will patrol your building and look out for each other. You can install a motion-activated video recording system, like Ring, to capture images of anyone who passes your window. Some of these devices also have lights that turn on automatically. That can help deter onlookers. You may want to install a safety grille over your window and invest in blackout curtains to protect your privacy. Also, keep the police informed if this happens again.

Gone are the days when kids were free to roam town and the only concern was if they were home in time for dinner. People of a certain age remember riding their bikes across town to meet up with friends or go to a store for a pop.