Working for back points

Clinton heavyweight Layden Fuller seeks to get back points from his Elk City opponent.

DENVER (AP) — Shai Gilgeous-Alexander banked in a decisive 8-foot jumper with 9.2 seconds remaining and finished with 34 points as the Oklahoma City Thunder snapped Denver’s league-leading ninegame win streak and beat the Nuggets 10199 Sunday night.

Working to score

Clinton’s Tristan Cardenas reaches around the head of his Weatherford opponent in an attempt to score a reversal or secure a pinning situation

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The NCAA will ask a federal appeals court next month to block a lawsuit that seeks to have athletes treated as employees who are paid for their time, the latest high-profile challenge to amateurism in college sports. The Division I athletes and former athletes who filed the suit unfolding in Philadelphia are seeking hourly wages similar to those earned in work-study programs. They say the nation’s colleges are violating fair labor practices by failing to pay them for the time they put into their sports, which their attorney said can average more than 30 hours per week.

Close bucket

No. 5 Brecken Hunter shoots for Arapaho-Butler against Snyder with teammate No. 25 Lakelynn Thompson watching.