The Burns Flat-Dill City Eagles would open their 2023 football season with a 26-0 Friday home loss to the Carnegie Wildcats in front of a peculiar seating arrangement for the Eagles fans due to their side of the stadium being blocked off after it received damage from a windstorm that toppled the press box, dumping it directly into the locker room. This would be the first ominous sight of the evening.

Running back

Running back No. 25 Garrison Rhoads runs through the line as No. 51 Brayden Fuller provides the block Friday. 

CHS senior sees multiple future paths

While one senior Lady Reds volleyball player has loved her time as a part of the program during her time in high school, she also has identified other routes she could go for her future that is outside of sports.

Playing hard when there’s really nothing to play for

Astructure is void of stability without a sturdy foundation. The foundation is what keeps it from falling down. If it is poorly formed, then the building will most assuredly fail. The foundation for Clinton Red Tornado Football can be argued that it was formed before 1962 but what cannot be debated is that this particular year only the foundation could be poured.

CHS, CBA square off at the net

In the battle of neighboring schools, the Clinton Lady Reds volleyball program traveled Tuesday to take on the Corn Bible Academy Lady Crusaders for their annual game.