Clinton wins close game over Hollis

The Clinton Reds baseball team (8-3) continue its strong summer season, as it took down the Hollis Tigers 2-1 Monday in Clinton for its third consecutive win and seventh in the last eight games.

As the dog days of summer approach, the Arapaho-Butler Indians baseball team is keeping itself sharp, while giving the younger guys some much needed experience by playing what amounts to an exhibition game, more so than an actual one.


Rising Stars

Locked into the game

No. 31 Memphis Ptak focuses on the ball during his at bat in Arapaho’s recent game against Clinton.

BOSTON (AP) — Jrue Holiday led the scoring. Derrick White added a chasedown block. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown pitched in, too — with their passing and defense.

Caden Powell finishes impressive season

For ex-Clinton Red baseball player Caden Powell, his lone season with the Seminole State Trojans baseball team turned into one for the ages as he now prepares to jump back to Division-1 baseball or move to the professional level.