Dan McFarland’s family was concerned when he started taking pictures of clouds and posting them on social media with urgent messages about how they were symbols about the need to repent and get ready for the end of the world.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s next project and policy-planning blueprint is almost certainly going to feature autonomously driven vehicles, spokesman Cody Boyd said Tuesday.

A wedding shower for Paige Neidy was held recently in the parlor of Clinton’s First Baptist Church. Hostesses pictured, from left, are Janet Weichel, Renee Hill, Lori Adams, Neidy, Vanessa Baker and Amy Hatter. Neidy and Landon Harper were married July 19.

At Foss Lake, 2-year-old Paislee Davitt gets her face painted by artist Tina Mares of Seminole while proud parents Traci and Hunter Davitt of Burns Flat watch from behind.

From behind the counter, long-time Route 66 volunteer Donna Lee answers questions from Tucson, Ariz., family, from left, Jane Morrison, Steve Kortenkamp and Eleanor Kartenkamp.

Helping a parent stay active and healthy at home can be achieved with careful planning. The rewards of personally caring for, or managing the care of, a loved one who needs help are innumerable. It’s an opportunity to give back and to offer a return on the loving investment they once made in us.

Disasters such as hurricanes, floods, fires and other emergency situations are all too common these days. In fact, about 4 out of 5 Americans live in counties hit by weather events since 2007, according to disaster declaration data from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

(Family Features) An estimated 1.4 million older adults and people with disabilities live in nursing homes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Residents, from left, Shawn Lee, activities director Sandra Cabaniss, Jimmie Hamilton and Debby Speer play a lively game of “Skip BO” at Grace Living Center.