Dear Editor:

Like many expatriates of the great city of Clinton, I enjoy logging into most every day to see the news and maybe see a picture of an old friend.

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It seems to be taking an awfully long time to remodel the guest bathroom, but that’s partly my fault. Apparently you can’t just put a shower anywhere you want, because they have to move the pipes. And moving the pipes is very expensive.

Yes, President Trump’s erroneous insistence that Alabama would be hit by Hurricane Dorian – and his ham-handed alteration of an official map to support his mistake – has spawned countless hilarious memes. But the larger implications of this incident are far more serious.

Dear Editor:

I sat on the sideline for 43 years. After all, sitting on the sideline is always easier than getting involved.


This week the Clinton City Council passed a resolution asking voters to extend a half-cent sales tax that is scheduled to come off the books in the near future. That election will take place Nov. 12.


Ross, Vera Ellen: 87, died Aug. 3. Memorial services 11 a.m. Sept. 21, Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Marlow (Whitt, Duncan).


Mahl, Donald Ray: 87, Shell Oil, died Sept.

11. Memorial services (Matthews, Edmond).




MEETING: Al-Anon New Beginnings will be hosted at First United Methodist Church in Clinton. Meets every Saturday. 9 a.m.



Three of 10 felony charges against Cameron Gladd, former Clinton High School athlete and Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper, were dismissed Tuesday by the District Attorney’s Office in Beckham County, and he pled no contest to five others.

Drilling wells more than three miles deep in the late 1960s was something that GHK Company and partner Lone Star Producing Company believed would produce massive amounts of natural gas.