The upcoming Clinton Public Schools Foundation’s annual meeting is slated to include several elections including two trustee members, president and vice president.

A Saturday night fire is under investigation after it claimed the lives of four family dogs and left Custer City Police Chief Josh Abernathy and his family without a home.

Choo choo!

Rowdy Bond pretends to be a train conductor on the playground set at Acme Brick Park. CDN

Over the last few days, two separate wrecks around the Cordell area have sent two people to the hospital.

Painting on a horse

Tristan Stovall strokes her paintbrush carefully on a horse’s body recently in front of the Pepsi Pop Art Gallery on Frisco Avenue.

Responded to a report of subject using a possible fraudulent credit card at 10010 Highway 183.

In 1850, Los Angeles was incorporated as a city.

Installing sprinklers

Matt McVay installs flex heads for the sprinklers inside the new Corn Bible Academy school site.