One a penny, two a penny

Kitana Walker, left, Aiden George and Cayden Panana played “Hot Cross Buns” on their recorders during Friends on Frisco.

Processing items

Clinton Mission Warehouse worker Rachel Kizer goes through some of the clothes recently acquired from local garage sales.

Clintonites will have an opportunity to donate blood next week during a regularly scheduled blood drive through the Oklahoma Blood Institute.

A disturbance at the Custer County Jail Saturday evening led to three agencies being brought in and two prisoners being put into isolation. Sheriff Dan Day said it was another day in the life of overseeing the facility.

Ukulele star

Kinsley Bridges, left, sings “I Don’t Know My Name” as she plays her ukulele and April Abraham holds the microphone during Friends on Frisco.

Responded to a medical call in the 400 block of S. 10 in Thomas.