Nance Elementary kindergarten student Ximena Gamez holds onto Jazmine the Chinchilla, one of the many animals that Extreme Animals brought for the students to see. CDN

Halloween decorations

Janiessa Poor, left, stands next to a scary clown, and Michele Williams stands next to a terrifying Halloween figure. CDN


Dee Lopez, left, and Heather Brown show each other their carved jack-o’-lantern before placing them down. CDN

We remain deeply concerned about how frequently we are asked to change our state’s constitution.

Let’s hear it for religious freedom

Staggering friendliness." That's how one “ reporter described his encounter with People of Praise, the apostolic community that Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett and her family belong to. I've always heard wonderful things about Barrett, knowing more than a few people who teach or have studied at the University of Notre Dame, where Barrett attended school.

What are Trump’s chances?

Every day, some new poll is published showing Democratic challenger Joe Biden with a big lead over President Donald Trump.