Clinton soccer completed its ninth sweep of the season Tuesday night at home, combining to outscore the Comets, 17-1 in the two games.

The Lady Reds (9-2 overall, 4-0 overall) cruised to a 10-0, goal-rule win against the Lady Comets (0-7, 0-4) to open the night. After their victory, the Reds (11-0, 4-0) extended their season-opening win streak to 11 games. Their pressure, pinpoint passing and powerful shots were too much for the Comets (4-3, 2-2) to handle, earning a 7-1 win for Clinton.

The Reds’ 4A-best record obviously has everyone around the program excited. Regardless after Tuesday’s win, Clinton head soccer coach Eugene Jefferson reiterated his evergreen statement that this team needs to find that next level of motivation every time they go out to play.

“I’m just repeating myself, stay focused and stay hungry” he said. “The main thing is stay hungry, I can’t drive that home enough. We’ve had teams that have been undefeated and gone this far with some wins, but we get satisfied at some point and time.

“Then, we’ll get to the second and third round, and all of the sudden, we’ll slip up. We just have to have that edge that someone out there is better. We have to keep getting better and better and improving our craft.”

The Comets weren’t slated as an easy win. They entered the contest at 4-2 and had a signature win against Heritage Hall earlier in the season.

Clinton came together for an unreal offensive performance though. Up top, it seemed like every pass had the right amount of touch or power on a cross, through ball or corner kick.

Jose Salas cross connected with Roberto Solis with ease less than eight minutes in, and he slammed it home to start the scoring in the first half. The blowout was on from there. The entire team got into the run with defenders like Aiden Carr, who fired a long-range rocket at the keeper. From front-to-back it was constant pressure from Clinton.

Devin Keel logged a hat trick, Solis scored two goals, Salas scored one and assisted another, Juan Martinez scored one and Nalan Kentner assisted on two goals, while being hampered by a groin injury.


Despite what a 10-0 Lady Reds’ win might say on paper, Jefferson said the offensive issues are still there. It took almost 20 minutes for Clinton to gain a 2-0 lead on the Lady Comets. The goals afterward were scored at a quicker pace.

Jefferson said he wants to see more of a sense of urgency and a competitive, fighting spirit.

“We’re struggling with scoring still, but more than that, I want us to come together,” he said. “We seem like a lot of times we’re just going through the motions. I want us to pick it up a notch and don’t take the season for granted. I want us to enjoy the season and get better every game. A lot of times there’s no fire there – that’s the thing we’re missing right now...”

The stat sheet was filled up for Clinton’s players. Three-year leading goal scorer Macey Fernandez scored four goals in the win. Aneris Soto recorded a hat trick, while Ariana Borjas scored two and Allison Carrizales scored the 10th and final goal.

The chemistry and combination passing is starting to come together, specifically with Morgan Clothier. She added another assist Tuesday bringing her season total to five.