2020 has now come to an end, but it took until June 4th of 2021. Between pandemics, lockdowns, quarantines, presidential elections, and business failures, 2020 just kept dragging on and on. And on.

Now, we can finally breathe easier, knowing that Saint Suzanne Sharp has joined the heavenly choir, and is constantly beseeching the Good Lord Above to put His healing hand back upon Suzanne’s beloved Oklahoma and Texas.

Suzanne passed away due to a broken heart, after being separated from friends and family during the Covid-19 lockdowns.

While listening to old Baptist hymns, Suzanne breathed her last breath, and slipped from her earthly chains. She is now able to see the smiles of her father, Joy Williams, and her mother, Virginia Williams. Her brother, Gene Williams, her husband, Lloyd Sharp, and her oldest son, Holland Sharp, have joined Suzanne and are having a party to celebrate her arrival.

Suzanne left behind two sons, Kelly Sharp and Billy Sharp. She also left behind three daughters, Christina Marie, Valerie Savage, and Mariah Steigman. 10 grandchildren will miss her delicious yeast rolls and Sunday pot roast.

Suzanne was best known for her love of Jesus, who was/ is her personal Lord and Savior. She taught Sunday School for 40 years and hosted Bible Studies at her house. She also spent many years doing bus ministry, constantly inviting children to attend First Baptist Church of Clinton with her, hoping they would come to know the same joy in Christ as she did.

We invite all who are able to come celebrate her life. The memorial service will be at First Baptist Church, Clinton, Oklahoma at 6:30 pm this Friday, June 11 in the main auditorium.

If you are curious to hear more about Suzanne, we will be revealing many details during the service that we could not list here.