Kids, we want to hear from you.

The Clinton Daily News is inviting school-age children from elementary to high school seniors to write letters to the newspaper to tell everybody what is going on in their lives.

With school currently out due to the coronavirus quarantine situation, this is a good opportunity to have youngsters keep their writing skills sharp. That’s why the CDN will run “In Their Own Words” from time to time on the front page.

Kids can write about any topic they choose. It could be “Why I love Clinton” or what they miss most about school. It could be about what is going on at home and how their family is dealing with things during this time of social distancing.

They can write about their dog, their best friend or even what their favorite school subject or ice cream flavor is.

The sky is the limit. Parents, photos are welcome as well. Please include names and ages.

It’s asked parents take the time to help the younger children with their letters and they may be sent to the paper by mail or email. The mailing address is Clinton Daily News, 522 Avant Ave., Clinton, OK, 73601. The email address is