Organizers of this spring’s Sunset Tour of the Clinton Cemetery have issued another reminder that it will be held Monday beginning at 6 p.m.
Six graves, including two in the same plot, will be visited. Those two are those of Elgin Kern and Leo Schneider, who were long-time partners in a Clinton funeral business. 
Kern died in 1970 and Schneider in 1984. One of the interesting things that no doubt will be told about Kern is how he was shot with buckshot in 1931 and carried approximately 70 pellets in his body until his death nearly 40 years later.
Other graves on this year’s tour are those of May Johnson Auxier, Henry P. Lipscomb, Charles R. Wagonseller and Lewis Wesley Keen. The latter was a brother of Judge W.P. Keen, who was Custer County’s district judge from 1934 to 1962 and whose photo still hangs in the big courtroom at the Custer County Courthouse in Arapaho.
Those other folks include a Civil War veteran, a tornado victim, and someone whose last name is akin to his father’s and may give a hint to his occupation.
There’s no charge to go on the tour. Organizer Elizebeth Wilson suggested those going wear easy walking shoes but also said Oklahoma Lake Patrolman Chris Newcomb and wife Angie will be manning and womanning a golf cart to ease the trek for them if it’s needed.