Whether you like to curl up on your side or sprawl flat out on your stomach, you probably have a favorite sleeping position. But did you know that if you suffer from common aches and pains, this familiar position might be aggravating your pain?

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DEAR HARRIETTE: A work colleague who I am not close to but occasionally collaborate with has bad breath. It is more than a bit uncomfortable to speak with him because I try to not be offensive or make faces, but the odor is not OK.

It’s one of the scariest experiences you’re likely to have—suddenly and for no apparent reason, you see a blank, black area in your vision. Then come black zigzag lines, sparklers, brilliant globes of color or some other sort of light show.

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Dear Doctor: It took visiting four different doctors to get an accurate diagnosis of cellulitis. From what I’ve read, that’s pretty common. There are many troubling things about it, including