Wake: Friday 3-172023 from 6-8 pm at Bethany Baptist Church - 100 E. Locust - Clinton, Oklahoma Funeral Service: Saturday, 3-18-2023 at 11 am at Bethany Baptist Church - 100 E. Locust - Clinton, Oklahoma


Reverend Billy Mucker was born on April 11, 1931 to Willie B. and Detroit (Robinson) Mucker in Anadarko, Oklahoma. He graduated from Excelsior High School in Clinton, Oklahoma and was the second oldest of four children. He loved his siblings Jessie, Matthew, and Joyce.

His family attended Bethany Baptist Church and at the age of 10, he gave his life to Christ.

Rev. Mucker always wanted more out of life. While in school, he would shine shoes and mow lawns for extra money. He always had a love for music. One of his favorite teachers, Professor Glenn Smith, noticed his talent and taught him how to play the lead trumpet and the piano. It wasn’t long before Professor Smith learned he and his brother could sing and asked them and a couple of other young men to sing in the school quartet called the Golden Tones. They traveled all over Oklahoma singing at various churches and special events.

A SOLDIER IN THE ARMY At the age of 18, Rev. Mucker became a Mason at Clinton Lodge #21 and eventually became a 32nd degree Mason.

In 1952, he and his brother were drafted into the US Army and fought in the Korean War. Although they had different roles, divinely, they were assigned to the same tent. The army recognized Rev. Mucker’s leadership ability and asked him to lead a troop of 16 men. One morning while canvassing the area, he heard a sound that no soldier ever wanted to hear…a click from a land mine. His life immediately flashed before him as the land mine exploded!

He was covered in so much blood that they threw his lifeless body in with the other deceased soldiers.

After a short while, a soldier happened to walk by and noticed him moving and called for help to pull him out. After they wiped away some of the blood, they discovered a large piece of shrapnel lodged in his nose. Miraculously, there were no other injuries.

Instead of sending him to the hospital for medical care, they patched him up and put him back on the front lines, where he continued to fight until the war ended.

He received numerous medals including a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star for his bravery and service.

In 1954, he returned home from the war and surprised his mother because they had sent his belongings back home after he stepped on the land mine. She thought she had lost her son.

Oh, what a reunion it was when he walked through those doors! Shortly after returning home, the military paid for Rev.

Mucker to attend Oklahoma A&M College (currently Oklahoma State University). He majored in Human Relations because he knew he desired to work with people.

After graduation, God shifted him in a different direction and he and his brother, Matthew, went to work for Page Aircraft in Clinton, Ok, El Reno and later Fort Sill in Lawton, Ok.


Mucker was smart and learned very quickly. They took notice and promoted him to helicopter mechanic.


In 1957, he left Lawton and moved back to El Reno. His managers took notice again of his abilities and sent him back to school to receive his front-end specialist certification. While in El Reno, he joined Mt. Moriah Baptist Church under the pastoral leadership of Rev. T.J. Johns.

One day while at the Church, he saw a gorgeous young lady with a beautiful smile singing in the choir. He quickly inquired and learned her name was Irene Booth. A friend introduced them that day.

Over the next few weeks, they talked on the phone and after church. Eventually, she agreed to go to dinner with him.

They went on a few dates and quickly fell in love. He knew she was “The One” so he didn’t waste any time and asked her to marry him later that year. They were married on December 12, 1957.


After they were married and for the next 10 years, he worked for OTASCO as head mechanic.

One morning while driving to work, a cross suddenly appeared across his windshield. He looked around and couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.

He felt it was some kind of sign and shared his experience with his pastor.

It happened again the next day. After the third time, he informed his pastor that he was certain that God was calling him into the ministry. Rev Johns wasn’t surprised and agreed to mentor and guide him until his ordination.

Rev. Mucker was a man on a mission.

Now that he was married, he knew he had to work even harder to provide for his family.

He continued to prepare for his ordination and work at OTASCO until he was hired at Dick Mitchell Cadillac/Buick as a service manager. He was such a fast learner that the owner, Dick Mitchell, sent him to General Motors school. Dick was so supportive of him that when he was ordained in the ministry, he took him to town and bought him two new suits and gave him a great deal on a new station wagon.

Rev. T.J. Johns ordained him at Mt.

Moriah in El Reno where he asked Rev.

Mucker to serve as associate pastor.

Much to his surprise, less than a year later, his father was called into the ministry. It was so special because his dad, Rev.

W.B. Mucker, attended his ordination and now he was able to reciprocate by supporting and attending his father’s ordination at Bethany Baptist Church.

A SOLDIER FOR GOD Rev. Mucker soon learned that First Baptist Church in Bridgeport, Oklahoma needed a pastor.

He met with them and agreed to preach there twice a month.

He and his family drove back and forth from El Reno to Bridgeport. He immediately bonded with the membership but, in particular, the Foreman family. The two families worshiped and dined together every Sunday and have remained connected to this day.

Three years later, Rev Mucker was called to pastor First Baptist Church in Crescent.

Rev. Mucker was not your typical minister and word of his “fireball” ministry was quickly spreading in the Oklahoma area. In 1966, New Light Baptist Church in Enid, OK sent him a letter inviting him to become their senior pastor. God had truly anointed his ministry. He was a singing, preaching, shouting man of God. Everyone knew once he started rubbing his head during his sermons, they were in for a spiritual move of God. His time at New Light was very impactful and memorable. Rev. Mucker fellowshipped with all denominations in Enid, but when he and Elder Jimmy Norwood of Westside Church of God in Christ connected, they both knew God had a bigger plan and purpose for their brotherhood. They soon began to meet for breakfast on Sunday mornings prior to their respective Sunday morning worship services.

God used their friendship and ministry to help tear down denominational barriers in the Enid and the surrounding community. Years later, their families were united permanently when Rev. Mucker’s youngest daughter, Laretha, and Elder Norwood’s son, Kevin, were married in 1989.

Also during that time, God blessed him to record two albums with the Enid Community Choir.

For the first time ever, members from various churches, denominations, and backgrounds in the Enid and surrounding cities came together and recorded their first album “What A Time” in 1979. The church grew significantly during his time at New Light. He remained there for 27 years until his father, W.B. Mucker, passed away in 1993.

SIGNIFICANT HONORS In 1993, the Bethany Church deacon board and church extended an invitation for Rev.

Mucker to become their senior pastor. He and his wife, Irene, moved to Clinton Ok where they became the senior pastor and first lady of Bethany Baptist Church for the next 28 years. Again, God used Rev. Mucker to unite people from all denominations and all walks of life. He fellowshipped with various churches and denominations in the Clinton area.

In addition to pastoring one of the best churches on this side of heaven, God blessed Rev. Mucker to record again, but this time with his son in the ministry, Minister Samuel Myles. They recorded a single called, Miracles where he shared his personal healing testimony. In 2012, he was honored to receive his honorary doctorate. He was very humbled to receive such an honor.

In 2015, he received the 50 year Preaching Gold Medal of Honor Award from the National Baptist Inc.

On his 90th birthday, he received one of his biggest honors, the City of Clinton, OK renamed Locust Street to W.B. & Billy Mucker Ave. in recognition of he and his late father’s combined 60+ years of service to the Clinton and surrounding community.

Rev. Mucker was a faithful pastor and genuinely cared about the well being of every member in his congregation and in the community. He was the past Teaching Instructor & Evangelists for District, State & National churches across the United States and Member of Local & Area Ministerial Interdenominational Alliance of Pastors & Ministers. He also sat and held many offices on community & civic boards in the Clinton area.

Rev. Mucker was not only a holy ghostfilled pastor but a man of incredible character, grace and moral fortitude. He was very loved and admired by all who had the privilege of meeting him. He was a preacher’s preacher and Daddy-O to many who considered him a second father. He was an attentive son, devoted and loving husband, a supportive and adoring father, an amazing grandfather and an encouraging, supportive uncle who always put God and his family first. He was a prayer warrior and guiding light who always lit up our lives with infinite love and admiration.

He is preceded in death by his parents, Willie B. Mucker and Detroit Robinson Mucker; wife, Irene Mucker; son, Mark Mucker; daughters, Billie Sheryl Mucker, Norma Booth; brother, Matthew Mucker; and sister, Rose Walker He leaves to cherish his memory: his children, Freda Farrow-Crandell (Eddie); Janice Booker (Alfred); Billy Mucker; Laretha Norwood (Kevin); Sisters, Bennie Mae Billingslea, Jessie Moreland and Joyce Bates. Grandchildren: Otis Farrow, OD Farrow, Jesse Gist (Janae), Andre Booth, Christopher Booth, LaToya Booker, Tamara Booker, Brittney Booker, Nichole Mucker, Kalyn Norwood, and Nia Norwood. Great Grandchildren: Malachi Farrow, Elisha Farrow-Hernandez (Maximus), Savannah Farrow, OD Farrow III, Chloe Booth, Otis Farrow Jr, Jared Farrow, Kara Farrow, James Gist and a host of nephews, nieces, relatives, extended family and friends.