A Clinton woman who allegedly pulled a knife on Scott Campbell, owner of S&D Drug Store at 915 Frisco Ave., was captured by police a short time later hiding in a dumpster north of the store.

The defendant is Deanna Wandrie, 36. She allegedly had stolen about $150 worth of speakers from the store.

Detective Sgt. Ray Ham-mans said police were called about a shoplifting at S&D at 3:45 p.m. Saturday.

Officer Ryan Richert was responding when he received word that the suspect had threatened Campbell. As he neared the store, he allegedly saw a woman along the north alley in the 1500 block of Gary Boulevard. That would be about a block north of S&D.

Hammans said Richert found Ms. Wandrie hiding there in the dumpster. He took her back to the health mart where Campbell confirmed that it was she who had threatened him.

One of the other clerks apparently had seen her leave the store without paying for the speakers and had told Campbell who went outside and confronted her. He told Richert she pulled the knife and took off running.

When she was booked into the City Jail after her arrest, police allegedly found a set of scales and some methamphetamine in her purse. Hammans said she was charged with those crimes as well as the theft of the speakers and assault with a dangerous weapon.

Police here also are working with authorities in Woodward County concerning a vehicle that was stolen there and allegedly brought here to sell. Hammans said the two people thought to have stolen it were gone before police arrived at the spot where it had been sighted.

“We know who they are; they just haven’t been charged yet,” he said, declining to release names until charges are fi led.

A residential intrusion also was investigated over the weekend, but nothing was stolen and nobody was hurt or threatened.

It happened Sunday in the 300 block of S. 13th Street. Hammans said Andrew Black had been renting a house and was in the process of moving out. He said he left and when he returned, the front door was forced open.

“It doesn’t look like anything was stolen, just the door kicked open,” said Hammans.