Would-be robber gets long sentence


A one-legged male robber from Elk City was sentenced Wednesday to 50 years in prison for trying unsuccessfully to rob stores in Weatherford and Clinton at gunpoint and for threatening to kill two detention officers at the Custer County Jail. Suspended sentences in five prior felony cases from Beckham County and one from Oklahoma County were also revoked, and he was sentenced to three years in a new Beckham County case.
Presumably most or all of the sentences will run concurrently. His new sentences in the Custer County cases were 20 years on each of the attempted robberies and 10 years for threatening to kill detention officers Aaron Rivers and Brittany Caro. 
The would-be robber/killer is Jason Wayne Pickard, 36. The two attempted robberies in Custer County took place one year ago at United Supermarket in Weatherford and the Family Dollar store in Clinton.
Despite a prosthetic leg, Pickard’s criminal record is obviously long and growing fast. On Aug. 29, 2014, exactly four years before Wednesday’s sentencing, he was assessed 10 years in Beckham County for two counts of assault and battery by strangulation plus assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, kidnapping, assault and battery on a corrections employee, possession of contraband by an inmate, and prisoner placing body fluid on a government employee. Five different cases, all dating to 2013, were involved.
Along with the new 20-year sentences and one 10-year sentence, all of Pickard’s prior 10-year sentence in those cases was revoked.
He also has a sentence from Oklahoma County that was believed to be tied to the attempted robberies out here. While Pickard was in custody as a suspect in them, he reportedly had an accident and was medi-flighted to an Oklahoma City hospital. But when the aircraft landed, he turned out not to be hurt that badly after all. With no lawmen on hand to take him into custody, he reportedly just left.
Also, while investigating the attempted robbery at United, Weatherford Police Detective Chris Cote learned that Pickard had a charge of robbery on his record from Plainview, Texas.
The attempted robbery at Weatherford occurred at 6:22 p.m. on Aug. 10, 2017. Information from the case file indicates Manager Mike Hileman was given a note with instructions to hand over all the cash. The would-be robber, who turned out to be Pickard, had one hand to his waist as if he had a gun. He left without getting any money after Hileman twice told him they had none.
He stopped in Clinton 45 minutes later, entering Family Dollar at 7:06 p.m. That time he handed employee Victoria McDonald a note which read, “Call the police and you’re dead.”
He also told her to open the cash register and as at Weatherford, raised his shirt slightly and acted as if he had a gun.
Ms. McDonald said he then followed her to the rear of the store to meet with her manager, Didi Drexler.
Detective Ray Hammans, who investigated that case, credited Ms. Drexler with distracting him while McDonald went back to the front of the store and called police.
Again he left without getting any money. However, Drexler was able to give police a good description of the red Mitsubishi Eclipse Pickard was driving, and that information was relayed to Elk City police. The auto was stopped the next morning, and the suspect was arrested.

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