It’s one of the scariest experiences you’re likely to have—suddenly and for no apparent reason, you see a blank, black area in your vision. Then come black zigzag lines, sparklers, brilliant globes of color or some other sort of light show.

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Dear Doctor: It took visiting four different doctors to get an accurate diagnosis of cellulitis. From what I’ve read, that’s pretty common. There are many troubling things about it, including

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DEAR HARRIETTE: My relationship with my mother is not good. She is much older now, but she has not lost her stubbornness. I have always been a respectful son, and


This year’s state budget deal reached by Gov. Kevin Stitt, House Speaker Charles McCall, and Senate President Pro Tempore Greg Treat score high marks with us.

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Iwas outside one night last week when it was dark and cloudy. Along the creek and by the trees, there were so many lightning bugs that it looked like Mother Nature was throwing me a private fireworks show.