Clinton Public Schools Superintendent Kevin Hime has announced this evening that he will be taking the position of Superintendent of Lawton Public Schools on July 1.  

Clinton police said Friday they have nothing new to report on a double homicide which occurred here Nov. 10.

“The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is handling it, and we’re doing whatever we can to help them,” said Detective Capt. Ray Hammans.

The school district’s annual Christmas concert will be held on Monday, with some big changes being made this year. Instead of the choral and band performances both being held in Clinton High School’s Tornado Dome, each will now perform in separate venues.

Christmas lights can be fire threat

Clinton firemen arrived Friday morning just in time to help save a house, its human occupants and a passel of pets at 425 S. Eighth St.

Benevento trial set for March 23

Brandon Benevento’s trial for the alleged murder of his ex-wife a few hours before Easter Sunday began last April was scheduled Thursday to start March 23 next year.

Custer County Sheriff Kenneth Tidwell will speak about Oklahoma’s new Open Carry law at a public meeting to be held at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at Clinton Public Library.

2-million-gallon tank undergoing inspection

Work was underway this week at Clinton’s 2-million-gallon water tank checking its integrity to make sure it’s still capable of holding the water it was built to do. The work