From time to time we like to look at the headlines in newspapers from across the United States and try to come up with the hidden story that might fit them. Just this week there were a few that caught our attention.

Terry Mattingly

Every now and then, while a priest is traveling or out running errands, a stranger will approach and ask: "Father, will you hear my confession?"

Jeanne Phillips

flEAR ABBY: My husband has a contentious relationship with our grandchildren. He generally is a fun, happy and interesting person. But by nature he is not “hands on” when it comes to children.

Dr. Eve Glazier

Dear Doctor: I’m stalled on my resolution to quit eating sugar. Why is it so hard? I just can’t seem to stop saying yes to sweets, especially my favorites -- cookies and candy bars. Do you have any suggestions?

Long-absent dad chooses friend over family

DEAR ABBY: My father has been mostly absent from my life. We reconnected when I was an adult. I have always had feelings of abandonment, and because of this, I have constantly tried to build a relationship with him and allow him to have one with his grandchildren.

Study links overtime to masked hypertension

Dear Doctor: I heard about a study that says working overtime gives you high blood pressure. My husband just joined a competitive company, and he’s expected to work a lot of extra hours. He’s already a Type A kind of guy, and I’m worried.

Revenge on cheater delivered on wedding day

DEAR ABBY: This is an open letter to all those women who write to you knowing their men cheated on them and then ask, “Should I marry him?” In their hearts they already know the answer; they just want YOU to tell them “NO!”