Look for love during dark times

You can get lost in the Auschwitz Memorial Twitter feed. When I visited that infamous German WWII concentration camp during the summer before our last presidential election, I had the overwhelming feeling that we were forgetting its terrible example – that we could fall into such evil again. With the recent violence in the streets, in homes, on television and even in human hearts, that's become a familiar feeling.

COVID will kill many churches

The coronavirus crisis has plunged pastors into digital technology while trying to replace analog community life with online worship, classes and fellowship forums.

Feather plus paint

Fourth-grader Carmen Stovall takes joy in her current art project where she paints feathers on a purple shirt.

Toddler time

Natalia Seitter, 3, makes her way down on of one of McLain Roger’s new slides with a genuine smile on her face.

Today is the 266th day of 2020 and the first day of autumn.

We often question how polls come up with results that seem so out of kilter with the way we see things in western Oklahoma. Flaws in polling data hit a peak four years ago when Donald Trump, who according to the polls didn’t have any chance of beating Hillary Clinton, was elected president.