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Calvin Eugene Jones: 1933 - 2018.
Calvin Eugene Jones passed away at 3:02 A.M. on Nov. 15, 2018 with 
family members at his bedside and residence in Okla. City, OK after a long period of failing health. 
Cal was born in Clinton, OK on the 5th of September 1933 to Alva E. and Ruby Mae Jones. 
Calvin was a naturally gifted person with those abilities enhanced by 
dedication and hard work from his early childhood to the end of his life. 
He overcame all sorts of adversity to achieve his goals no matter how 
difficult. He was the 5th to be born into a family of 18 children and 
learned early in life that with motivation almost anything was possible
if you were willing to make the effort. Most everyone born during the 
depression in the 1930’s faced hardship and tough times. Typical of Cal’s childhood was staying out of school so as to earn enough money to buy books by picking cotton, selling newspapers, shining shoes, setting bowling pins and caddying.
After high school, Cal joined the USAF and served tours in Japan, Korea, and Germany and locations within the USA. During the Korean War, Cal was a courier of classified information that required flights between Japan and Korea, once on a flight that crashed and another that he had to parachute out of the aircraft. During those assignments, Cal experienced the different cultures that allowed him to relate to world politics and the history of those nations. In Germany, he and his family shared a home with a German family which gave him an unusual insight of how the German people viewed the events of WWII as well as their culinary traditions. 
During Cal’s career, he also became an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) specialist, exposing him to many toxic materials as well explosives, several that could have contributed to Cal developing Parkinson’s disease. In his later years, he experienced the typical 
shaking motions that were common. On one occasion, he demonstrated to a doctor that he could control his shaking by sheer will-power. When the doctor said he was astounded he could do this and asked how, Cal said the knowledge that his next move could detonate the explosive allowed him to control his shaking. 
Despite Cal’s not having a particularly athletic physic, his natural gift allowed him to excel in any sport that required hand-eye coordination. For Cal, those translated to golf, pool/billiards, skeet shooting for which he was pretty much in a class of his own. He won the USAF Skeet Shooting Championship. Another example was when, while stationed at Tinker AFB, OK, he was asked to play Minnesota Fats in an exhibition match and he won 5 of the 6 games played. Even up to more recent times, Cal at age 77, he shot a 75. 
He mentored the golf team for University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) over several years and was inducted into their Hall of Fame. More recently, Baker Mayfield, former OU Quarterback, Heisman Trophy Winner and now with Cleveland Browns, credited Cal with improving his golf game. Over the years, Cal became known as the Mayor of the KickingBird Golf Course in Edmond, OK. 
In 1956 Cal met and married Dorothy B. Butler. Dorothy died Dec. 10th, 2010. Cal and Dorothy are survived by two daughters and a grandson, Deborah L. (Jones) Martin, Cynthia A. Jones and Jeffery A. Martin. 
Cal and Dorothy were both very entrepreneurial and together owned and operated the Old Dodge City & Long Branch Saloon in Edmond, OK , very much as a family affair with both daughters, Deborah and Cynthia serving as waitresses and running the business. Over time, the restaurant attracted many celebrities, including Barry Switzer (OU Coach), Dale Robertson, The Oak Tree professional golfers, and others in the entertainment world. The main attraction was Cal and Dorothy’s great steaks, western menu, and consistent quality of service and food. Cal personally selected the day’s steaks and seafood to be served. 
Survivors include brothers, Edwin E. Jones, Lompoc, CA., Ronald D. Jones, Okla. City, OK., David D. Jones, Waco, TX, Gary L. Jones, Bessemer, AL., and sisters, Betty J. Stowers, Pampa, TX., Patti S. Patterson, Ft. Worth, TX, Diana K. Van Zandt, Mid-West City, OK, Carol A. Sewell, Clinton, OK., Phyllis J. Thompson, Moore, OK, Jennifer Jones, Burleson, TX, Vicky R. Meacham, Okla. City, OK, Pamela Adelman, Bartlett, TN. and Mitzi Rayner, Clinton, OK. 
The extended family are too numerous to include; however, Cal would be remiss not to mention his two nephews, Ronnie Jones (AMA Hall of Fame) and Garrett Meacham who were vital in their loving care of him as his health declined in recent years. Cal had commented that he was at peace with God and looked forward to seeing all those family and friends in heaven and to have Dorothy at his side again. 
A memorial celebration of Cal’s life will be held at the KickingBird Golf Course in Edmond, OK at some date after Thanksgiving that will be announced later.  

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