Programming their Spheros robots with their iPads are, from left, Conner Jones, Cyle Heard, Anthony Ramos and Jonathan Burrow.

Tiny Spheros robots big STEM boost

Spheros have invaded the Clinton Public Schools and may just give new meaning to the term “well-rounded education.”

To look at the 10 Spheros sitting quietly in their charging cradles in the Clinton High School physics lab of Marie Pool, one wouldn’t think they were any big deal — just white plastic spheres about the size of a baseball — but shake them and let them come to “life.”

Spheros are tiny robots, each with its own colorful personality. The spheres have a color palette of lights built in capable of mixing hues for a rainbow of colors. In fact, the first three colors that the Sphero robot blinks upon being awakened serve as its identity. And if the Sphero blinks red, then it needs to be recharged.

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